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This website has been assembled to support Vancouver Island University employees in being successful, engaged and independent educators in the design and delivery of learning opportunities in a post-secondary setting. Please browse the resources and information you will find throughout this site.

We would also like to welcome you to connect with us, drop us an email at, call us at 740.6179 or drop by the 5th floor of the library.

Kathleen Bortolin

Curriculum, Teaching and Learning Specialist

Welcome! I’m available to support you in designing courses and learning activities that are active and engaging. I am also interested in helping you design inclusive learning experiences for all learners. Feel free to call or stop by our offices for a chat. We have coffee. And tea. And comfy chairs.

Stephanie Boychuk

Learning Technologies Support Specialist

Hello, I’m so glad you chose to visit our site! I would love to connect with you if you are interested in the student support projects we assist with: the Learning Matters site and Ready, Set, Go - Launchpad to Success at VIU!. If you are interested in our student orientations to VIULearn or want to discuss what else the Centre can do to support you and your students, please let me know! Make sure to check out the Technology Tools space in our Learning Technologies + Innovation area for ideas and help using the wide variety of tools VIU offers.

Stephanie Didsbury

Administrative Assistant

Welcome! Feel free to contact me about any of our department resources that are available for sign out; books, classroom response systems, or some of the technology and teaching tools that we have. Be sure to check out our Current Offerings page to see our selection of learning sessions!

Marilyn Funk

Curriculum, Teaching and Learning Specialist

Hello! I’m new to this position and enthusiastic to share what I’ve learned in the classroom about how to foster student engagement in both the indoor and outdoor classroom. If I’m not the right person to support you I’ll put you in touch with a colleague who can.

Jacqueline Kirkham

Learning Technologies Support Specialist

Welcome! I am here to support your use of our online tools including VIULearn. Please feel free to contact me for help with the technology side of online teaching and learning, or just to chat about the many possibilities technology offers for you and your students.

Liesel Knaack


Welcome! I am here to support institutional initiatives, curriculum mapping and program analyses, online learning course designs and metacognitive/self-regulated learning teaching strategies. Please feel free to drop us a line or stop by the Centre to check out our resource library – but also find lots of good ideas for designing student learning throughout this website.

Michael Paskevicius

Learning Technologies Application Developer

Greetings, I am interested in discussing new and innovative ways to apply emerging technologies in teaching, learning and research. I'm currently working on developing our campus video platform - VIUTube, synchronous online platforms - VIU Online Rooms and investigating mobile devices as teaching and learning tools. Feel free to contact me anytime to explore new educational technology initiatives.

Tine Reimers

Curriculum, Teaching and Learning Specialist

Hello!  I’m available to help when you’re looking to try new learning activities, design assignments that aim at your learning goals or figure out new ways to assess student learning. I also work with programs when they’re thinking about how to renew or align their curricula. Just get in touch for a conversation. Also check out our Understanding your Students pages under Designing Your Course on the website: this is a good place to begin thinking about what will work for our students.

Bill Roberson

Curriculum, Teaching and Learning Specialist

Hi, feel free to contact me directly whenever you’d like to discuss ideas about designing activities and courses so as to promote critical thinking and greater student engagement. I’m also here to support curriculum change initiatives for departments and programs. Drop by for a conversation, and if you have time, please take a look at our web pages on Team-Based Learning.

Maxwell Stevenson

Associate Director

Hello! I’m here to help individuals and departments with everything from curriculum design and teaching strategies to learning technologies. If I’m not the right person to support you, I’ll certainly be able to put you in touch with a colleague who can. Drop by and say hello, or email me and we’ll set up a time to chat.

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