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Tine Reimers

Curriculum, Teaching and Learning Specialist

Tine enjoys working with people who are trying to change—their teaching, their professional focus, their goals—but are still looking for ways to get started. This interest in mentoring for change comes from a career of changing her own professional focus several times along the way! Watching her clients’ projects take shape, seeing how they gain confidence—in the classroom and in their lives—and how student learning improves as a result, has taken Tine from running an international language school, to being a university professor, to a career of coaching faculty from all disciplines. For over 2 decades now, she has taught university-level classes and worked with faculty who are engaged in vibrant conversations on how to further their students’ learning.

The self is not something ready-made, but something in continuous formation through choice of action.

Give the pupils something to do, not something to learn; and if the doing is of such a nature as to demand thinking; learning naturally results.
John Dewey

Project Showcase

  • For many years, Tine has collaborated with Bill Roberson on developing new models and ways of thinking about Critical Thinking in the classroom. They have traveled around North and South America and Europe presenting workshops and institutes on Critical Thinking.
  • An enthusiastic “TBL’er” herself, Tine has taught University classes using Larry Michaelsen’s Team-based Learning Method, and with colleague Bill Roberson led “TBL Institutes” to prepare faculty to teach effectively with this highly engaging strategy for increasing students’ critical thinking and learning.
  • Tine has led in-depth, year-long Leadership development opportunities for faculty at two different Universities in the US. Many of her conversations with faculty at VIU also concern ways to “do leadership from where you sit.”
  • Mentoring: Tine has led faculty mentoring initiatives and programs at 3 different universities. Two of them focused on mentoring and fostering professional success for women faculty.
  • Interactive Theatre—Tine has had lots of fun teaching (and learning!) through Interactive Theatre at two different universities. She co-developed scenarios, prepared actors for presentations and facilitated discussions with audience sizes from 10 to 150 on effective teaching and learning, and on successful hiring and retention of diverse, talented faculty in post-secondary institutions. The laughter, intense discussions, and significant learning occasioned by interactive theatre made all the preparation worthwhile!
  • Currently, Tine stays closer to home (VIU), only occasionally traveling with the interactive theatre group.  Recently she has been focusing on lowering student and faculty anxiety about assessment and evaluation by developing more organic and creative ways to assess and give feedback on learning.  She also presents TBL institutes with Bill Roberson and Jim Sibley (UBC) that attract faculty from across Canada and the US.

Areas of Expertise

Tine has worked for years on developing better ways to enhance student Critical Thinking and loves to work with faculty on course design that engages students in authentic thinking tasks. She also enjoys working with faculty and departments on Curriculum Mapping, ensuring that departmental and course learning goals aim at the learning outcomes that matter. Tine has led Faculty Mentoring programs and designed in-depth Leadership Development Institutes for faculty and administrators. As you can see, everything Tine works on is about mentoring for change!

Selected Research

Peer-Reviewed Publications

  • Reimers, T & Roberson, B. (2012)Team-Based Learning for Critical Reading and Thinking in Literature and Great Books Courses. In M. Sweet, L. K. Michaelsen (Eds).Team Based Learning in the Social Sciences and Humanities. Stylus Publishing.
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Other Publications

  • Brainerd, S, Hemami, S & Reimers, T. (2007) Building a Mentoring System from the Ground Up In Mentoring for Engineering Academia II: Proceedings of a Workshop at Banff International Research Station. R. Gray, S. Hemami, E. Riskin, R. Ward, S. Brainerd, P. Cosman, N. Fortenberry, J. Rutledge, T. Whitney, (Eds). Grayphics Publishing
  • Perfetti, L & Reimers T. (1994) Teaching for Inclusion: Diversity in the College Classroom. Original diversity handbook at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, for the Center for Teaching and Learning of UNC Chapel Hill.

Selected Invited and Refereed Presentations

  • Knaack, L., Reimers, T. & Roberson, B. (2015, February). Ignore the evidence. It won’t help! Paper presented at the Educational Developers Caucus Conference, Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (STHLE), University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB. February 11-13, 2015. (Refereed)
  • Reimers, T, & Roberson, B. (2014, November) Critical Thinking: What does it really look like when your students are doing it? and Conceptualizing the Critical Thinking Classroom New Mexico State University March 12, 2015 (Invited Presentations)
  • Reimers, T .Critical Thinking 2.0: Are we Ready to Launch? (2014, November) 3-hour Pre-Conference Workshop presented at the Professional and Organizational Development Network Conference (POD Network), Dallas, Texas, November 6, 2014. (Refereed)
  • Reimers, T .“Teaching Critical Thinking: what does it look like in action, “Creating Structures of Inquiry: how activity design and structured teamwork lead to authentic learning”, “ Team Based Learning—Getting Started: Are You Ready?”, “ Team-Based Learning—Optimizing Student Collaboration and Assessing Learning”  (December 2013) Universidad del Bio Bio, Concepción, Chile.  (Invited 2-day presentation)
  • Cruz, D. & Reimers, T. “High Responsibility, Low Blame: addressing gender bias in faculty searches” (October & November 2012, December 2013)  Princeton University, Princeton NJ. (Invited 2-hour workshops with the Cornell Interactive Theater Ensemble on avoiding unconscious bias in the faculty search process.)
  • Andronicos, K, Cruz, D. and Reimers, T. “The On-Campus Interview” (March 2012) Rutgers University and Philadelphia Higher Education Recruitment Consortium. Invited 2-hour workshop with the Cornell Interactive Theater Ensemble on organizing effective on-campus interviews and ensuring an inclusive climate for your potential hires.