How the Lightboard Works

The Lightboard lives in a new video studio space in building 330 which has been created with support from the Research & Scholarly Activity Office. The room is equipped with lighting and black curtains which support the creation of videos with the Lightboard.

The Lightboard Unit 

The Lightboard is a large 4’x8’ piece of starphire glass welded upright into a metal frame. The frame was created by the VIU welding department at the Cowichan Trades Centre. The glass is positioned two feet off the ground and supported by the base and diagonal supports. Bright light-emitting diode (LED) lights are placed along the bottom and top of the glass and reflect light within the glass pane.

When you draw upon the Lightboard with a coloured dry erase marker the LED lighting causes the marker ink to glow. Multiple coloured markers can be used for further impact.

The Lightboard Capture System 

A video camera is set up facing the Lightboard with the instructor behind the glass. The camera uses a linear polarizer filter which further enhances the color from the markers on the glass. The camera is pointed towards a glass first surface mirror which reverses the image of the Lightboard and instructor captured by the camera. As such, the video captured by the camera displays the writing of the instructor as they would see it from their perspective behind the glass, resulting in an instructional video ready to be shared.

Lightboard room layout