The VIU Lightboard

The Lightboard is a tool which enables instructors to create video presentations which incorporate the instructor, whiteboard and presentation media. The Lightboard concept is based on the design of Northwestern University professor, Michael Peshkin

The Lightboard includes a large piece of glass which an instructor can stand behind and run chalk and talk lessons. A video recorder is aimed at the glass but the image is reversed so that the viewer can read the instructor’s text. Presentation media such as PowerPoint slides, photos, or video can also be superimposed upon the glass and the instructor can interact with their media.  

The best way to conceptualize the Lightboard is to see it in action. Watch this demo from Michael Peshkin: 

To learn about the origins of the Lightboard and how faculty are using it watch the video below. 

Accessing the Lightboard

Please contact us to book time to create video using the Lightboard. We have allocated dedicated time for faculty access during the following periods:

  • Last two weeks in April and all of May, first two weeks in June
  • Mid-August to mid-September
  • Late November and all of December

Should you wish to book time using the Lightboard or require access to the Lightboard outside of these dates, please contact