Learning Technology Support at VIU

The Centre for Innovation and Excellence in Learning supports VIU faculty and students with learning technologies. Technology changes frequently. To be able to focus our time and energies, while giving the best service to students and faculty, we have created three levels of support for learning technologies. Please skim the lists below and the details that follow to see where your request will land and what level of support we can provide. Thank you.

Comprehensive Support

Limited Support

No Support

Platforms and Tools

All Institutionally-purchased contracts for faculty teaching and student learning (and browser-related access):

  1. VIULearn (D2L)
  2. VIUTube + Capture Space (Kaltura/Kaltura Capture)
  3. VIUOnline Rooms (Zoom)
  4. VIUBlogs (WordPress)
  5. Classroom Clickers (Turning Point 5)
  6. Lightboard (VIU)
  7. iPeer (UBC)
  8. Early Feedback Service (Remark)
  9. Web Help Desk/Learnsupport (Solar Winds)

All Institutionally-purchased contracts for faculty teaching practice and course development:

  1. Adobe Acrobat Pro
  2. Creative Suite 8 (Photoshop, Illustrator etc.)
  3. MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  4. Browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge)
  5. GSuite (Classroom, Docs, Sheets, Slides etc.)
  6. Video Conferencing Units (StarLeaf and Lifesize), Logitech Video Conf Unit
  7. Technologies in VIU classrooms (projectors, document cameras, switching panels, wifi connectivity, instructor station components, etc.)
  8. Clicker Alternative Web-based tools:
  9. Socrative
  10. Poll Everywhere

Course Development:

  1. Privacy Supports / Textbook Integrations
  2. Copyright permissions for digital content
  3. Course development (structure, tools, best practices)
  • Apple Software
  • All apps for mobile/laptop/desktop
  • VIU Wi-fi connectivity
  • VIU Gradebook
  • VIU Class List Management(Registration Clerk)
  • VIU: SAWS, CESB, SRS (Records)
  • Student Support for MS Office
  • Padlet
  • Twitter
  • Drupal
  • Voicethread
  • Audacity
  • Dropbox
  • OneDrive
  • Evernote
  • Doodle Polls
  • Powtoon
  • Wix/Weebly/Other Website Authoring tools (including non-VIU hosted Wordpress sites)

Support Focus

VIU Campus Community: Faculty members/Instructors/Affiliates, Admin, Support and Students

VIU: Faculty members/instructors for teaching practice including course/class development

No Audience

Breadth and Depth

Most possible users/uses for VIU campus community members including support for all accounts and available user settings | Most reasonable settings/switches/tools that are locally applicable/legally available and fit within operations of platform and support available

Faculty members -  only introductory levels for some settings /switches / tools

"Support limited to documentation immediately available on the vendor's site."



Workshops/Learning Sessions | Passive Resources| Student Orientations for VIULearn | Consultations | Curated and Customized Support Options | Pedagogical Best Practice Support

Passive Resources (website self-service info) | Consultations with limited information or sharing a web resource


Escalated Problems For Vendor

CIEL will contact vendor on behalf of user to investigate issues and problem solve

On own, faculty member contacts (AV - Video Conferencing Units, Classroom Technologies; IT - Browsers, MS Office, Adobe, Creative Suite 8) or vendors

Faculty connect with VIU experts (e.g., IT for wi-fi, gradebook, student tech tutors for MS office, registration/records office for SAWS/SRS/CESB, etc.) or consult websites


Best practices with tools and platforms offered, use in F2F, blended and online learning experiences, all levels of teaching experience with technology

Pedagogical consultations limited to best practices and use of the tools if used within faculty members’ teaching practice



Manage integrations, updates and messaging users, hot fixes, issues and changes

Technical issues are escalated to IT or AV if related to vendor website support line


Details of Support

Comprehensive Support means:

  • will undertake full exploration of the problem/question, consult processes and procedures, inquire of colleagues, do research on vendor website and documentation to provide best possible answer for all starting within time frame

Limited Support means:

  • will undertake some exploration of the problem/question, consult processes and procedures, inquire of colleagues, do some cursory investigation online, and provide an answer to question

No Support or service means:

  • no exploration of the problem/question, may provide link to resources or if know of any information, but not a priority