Facilitating + Moderating Online

Facilitating + Moderating Online

Effective online facilitation (engages with your students) requires you to assume a variety of roles and apply knowledge and skills including:

  • Pedagogical Knowledge (P): Guiding learning with a focus on concepts, principles, and skills
  • Managerial Skills (M): Handling organizational, procedural, and administrative tasks
  • Technical Knowledge (T): Assisting learners in becoming comfortable with the technologies used in the course
  • Social Skills (S): Creating a welcoming online community in which learning is promoted

These areas of knowledge and skills are drawn upon at various states of the course from planning to completion.

Learn more about: Four Stages for Online Facilitiation

Engaging Learners Online

A booklet for online educators who are frustrated with never-ending waves of technology and the lack of training on how to effectively use them in their courses framework You might find activities and strategies that you can make use of to nurture engagement and success online. These strategies can help you breathe life into current classes and programs that are failing to engage learners.

Facilitating Online

Increasingly, universities are using online resources and interaction to support student learning. Even educators with
excellent face-to-face facilitation skills are likely to confront a significant learning curve in transferring these skills to the
online environment. Sound online facilitation skills would equip educators to facilitate engaged students across a range of
conversational spaces, including online discussion forums, chat rooms, wikis and blogs, for debate and shared knowledge construction.

Online Student Engagement Tools and Strategies

Most online students, even those who are successful, will tell you it takes an extra dose of motivation to stay on top of their assignments compared to the traditional classroom. In fact, the anytime/anywhere convenience of online learning sometimes makes it too convenient … to procrastinate, forget about, and become otherwise disengaged. For faculty teaching in the online classroom, this reality underscores the importance of having activities that build student engagement and help create a sense of community among their geographically dispersed students.

Bart, M. (2012). Online student engagement tools and strategies. Featuring Content from Online Classroom. February. www. facultyfocus. com.

Examining Student Satisfaction with Wholly Online Learning

Learner satisfaction has been shown to be positively correlated with quality of learning outcomes. An understanding of the factors that influence student satisfaction with online learning in a particular context can be used as an input to the appropriate design of learning environments, and for the provision of targeted support to students, with an aim to positively influence the student online learning experience.

Rubric for Online Instruction

The Rubric for Online Instruction initiated the Exemplary Online Instruction Awards, a recognition made public at the annual CELT Conference in Chico, CA. The Web site demonstrating examples of exemplary online instruction is available for viewing, from the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching web site, http://www.csuchico.edu/celt/.

Online Resources:

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University of Michigan is the mothership of all teaching and learning Centres – and they have a great list of best practices - http://www.crlt.umich.edu/tstrategies/tsot 

Terry Anderson is good on this topic from Athabasca and has a book online on it: http://cde.athabascau.ca/online_book/ch11.html

Faculty Focus articles are always great, easy to read and this is the whole feed on online ‘best practices’ http://www.facultyfocus.com/tag/online-teaching-best-practices/