Teaching with Tablets

Ways to Appropriately Use Tablet Technology in Teaching

  • The tablet provides access to resources, information, search, documents, collaborative spaces, and multimedia.

  • Most tablets are limited in terms of multitasking ability as users are not able to tile multiple windows as in laptop/desktop environment. This limitation must factor this into design of class activities.

  • Students will use multiple tools in class, both digital and non-digital. The tablet can be used in conjunction with laptops, cell phones, handouts and other resources. Students will orient these tools at their workstation in class. Consider the need for larger work/desk spaces for laying out tools. 

  • Interactive anonymous student polling through device. Socrative App classroom response system app is free for < 50 users. Polling may increase engagement in class, gather anonymous feedback on student perceptions and understanding and assessment of learning on the fly.

  • Students may use the device for note taking or combining photos taken in class with text. There are numerous apps which support note taking, annotation and combining multimedia. The instructor may furthermore use gapped handouts to scaffold note taking on the device.  Note:Some students may choose to use pen and paper for taking notes and that should be supported.

  • Numerous apps are available for creating screencasts or short presentations. These can be used by instructors to demonstrate difficult concepts or offered as tools for student assignments, where the student presents or teaches a lesson. Using screencasting and video presentations demonstrate learning with images, videos, and screencasts as learning resources.

  • Seek out apps and software which match your discipline. The tablet app marketplace is large and you may find industry specific apps which can be explored in the classroom. This gives students’ exposure to apps which may be useful in the discipline offering the learning of this software as a discipline specific competency.  

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