Wordpress Blogs at VIU


VIU offers a multi-user Wordpress installation for use by faculty, staff, and students. Users can login with their VIU account. VIUBlogs is powered by Wordpress, an open source content management system. Wordpress powers nearly 32% of the websites currently on the web, so it is quite likely you have been to a website powered by Wordpress in the past. The Wordpress system is adaptable and can be used to create blogs, websites, portfolios, or reflective spaces. 

VIUBlogs can be used by faculty to design and develop standalone websites, contribute to teaching and learning blogs or create websites where students can access course content. VIUBlogs sites can also be collaboratively created by faculty and students

VIUBlogs is hosted on campus and is compliant with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA). As the service is hosted and offered to the entire VIU community, we run a Wordpress Multisite Network. This means that you can set up a basic WordPress site, choose from a variety of themes and create content. The Multisite Network architecture does not support adding or administering plugins and themes or selecting custom URL's outside of the domain. 

Learn more about: Getting started with VIUBlogs

What Works Well in VIUBlogs?

VIUBlogs can be used to create a variety of web environments: 

  • Personal websites.
  • Websites to support coursework or maintain contact with students (course sites).

  • Departmental websites.

  • Project or research sites.
  • ePortfolios showcasing academic or student work.

WordPress is an open platform, so anyone can access content you have created without logging in. As the owner of a site, you have to login to create content, but once you publish that content it is available to anyone. You can also add other users to your site so they can also create and publish content.  

Learn more about: VIUBlogs Frequently Asked Questions

Why use the VIU WordPress blog network?

  • Hosted on VIU campus 
  • Compliant with BC privacy laws 
  • Same credentials as your VIU login 
  • Hosted under the domain 
  • Secure and backed up regularly by VIU IT

Why not use the VIU WordPress blog network?

  • You want to add and administer specific plugins and themes
  • You require a special URL