VIUTube Media Streaming

VIUTube is a streaming media platform powered by Kaltura which facilitates the sharing of video and audio online. Faculty, staff and students may upload media content to VIUTube where the content is converted and optimized for streaming in a web browser or on a mobile device. VIUTube is very similar in functionality to the popular video sharing site YouTube, except all of the content is stored in BC  and authentication is linked to VIU user accounts. VIUTube is also advertisement free!

Sharing content in VIUTube

The content that you upload to VIUTube is not password protected, but it is not made visible to anyone unless the link to the video is shared explicitly. If you have shared video on YouTube before you may be familiar with the concept of 'private links', which means the content is only accessible by those who have the specific web address. The responsibility to distribute the web address for a piece of content falls on the owner of that content. If the location of that content is made available to persons not warranting access, the only way to correct this is to delete and resubmit the content or set the content to Private which will hide it from all viewers except the content owner. You can share links to content or use embed codes to share your videos in password protected sites such as VIULearn, or on your website.

What can you do on VIUTube?

  • Upload video or audio from your computer for sharing on the internet
  • Manage your personal collection of videos and share/embed when applicable
  • Record video directly from your computer or laptop webcam 

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How could you use VIUTube in the Classroom?

  • Try out the flipped classroom - have your students watch the lecture on their own time and come to class for discussion
  • Upload video resources to share in your VIULearn  course
  • Have your students submit video assignments
  • Create an audio or video welcome message for your students using a webcam or video camera
  • Have your students introduce themselves to other members of the course with a webcam or video camera

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