The Class Progress Tool

The Class Progress tool helps track student progress in a course by measuring their completion of 9 different progress indicators. Instructors can use User Progress to track their students' overall progress and prepare progress reports, while students can use User Progress to keep track of all of their course-specific assignments and feedback. Progress reports are available for the following progress indicators:

  • Grades
  • Objectives
  • Content
  • Discussions
  • Dropbox Folders
  • Quizzes
  • Checklist
  • Surveys
  • Login History

Using Class Progress (User Progress)

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Using User Progress in VIULearn

Class Progress Interface

The Class Progress interface consists of three main areas:

  • The User Information area, which contains links to view the user's profile, email the user, and instant message the user.
  • The Reports List area, which contains links to view reports based on the 9 progress indicators, as well as a Summary view that encompasses all of the progress indicators. At the Organization level, the Reports List area also includes all courses that the student is actively enrolled in.
  • The Report Details area, which expands the progress indicator report chosen from the Reports List. When a report displays in the Report Details area, it contains clickable expandable and collapsible links that enable users to drill-down further into the reports for more details.

The Class Progress tool is accessible from both My Home and the course level. From My Home, students can access their own progress reports for all of the courses they have active enrollment in. At the course level, both instructors and students can access user progress reports for the course they are currently in, although students can only view their own progress.

Instructors can see an additional view in the Class progress tool, which is accessible at the org unit level. This view lists all of the students enrolled in the class, and displays 4 of the 9 available progress indicators. By default, Content, Objectives, Logins, and Grades display. You can switch which progress indicators display based on preference. This view enables instructors to see and compare class progress between all of their students at a glance.

Changing the Settings in Class Progress

By default, the Reports Detail area displays all 9 progress indicators in the Progress Summary report. You can remove progress indicators from the summary report using Settings. You can also adjust colour indicators in Settings - colour indicators help you track which students are On Track, which students you should have Some Concerns about, and which students are At Risk.

Interpreting the Grades Chart

The Grades box plot graph represents the full range of possible grades (0%-100%) in one bar. The start and end brackets represent the actual range of grades for the item. The start bracket represents the lowest grade achieved for the grade item, while the end bracket represents the highest grade achieved for the grade item. The blue bar represents the middle range of grades for the class, excluding the bottom 25% of the class and the top 25% of the class. A black square represents the individual user's grade for the item. Their grade also displays numerically, along with any previously established grade and colour schemes. A vertical white line represents the mean grade for the item.

User Progress + Class Progress

Switching between User Progress and Class Progress

  1. Switch back to the User Progress view from the Class Progress view by clicking on a progress indicator for an individual user. This displays the progress indicator report in the Report Details area for that user.
  2. Click Summary in the Reports List area to view that user's Progress Summary.Class Progress

Use the Class Progress page to track the performance of all course participants. This page displays the name, username, and Org Defined ID for each course participant. Additionally, it lists the following performance indicators from left to right by default: Content, Objectives, Logins, and Grades. These indicators are replaceable using Settings.

Filtering Class Progress

Select a group or section to view Class Progress for from the Filter to drop-down list.