Creating Quizzes

Quiz Tool Overview

The Quiz Tool allows you to create quizzes and exams in VIULearn. Depending on the question types you choose, your quizzes can be self-marking, or require you to go over student submissions and grade them. VIULearn Quizzes are powerful tools with a variety of settings. For example, a quiz can can be set to automatically push its marks to your VIULearn gradebook once graded. This all results in less time spent marking and more time spent focusing on teaching. Watch the video below for a brief overview of the features of the Quiz Tool, or continue down the page to learn about the different elements of the Tool in more detail.

Creating a Quiz

You can access the Quiz Tool by choosing Assessment & Evaluation and Quizzes. To create a new quiz, click on the blue New Quiz button.

The only setting you must adjust to run a quiz are:

  • Properties tab: Give your quiz a name and import questions from Question Library
  • Restrictions tab: Activate your quiz

Click on the sections below to learn more about the Quiz settings available from each tab. 

Video - Properties Tab

If you do not see the video, please click on the link to view it in a new window or tab:

VIULearn Quizzes: Properties Tab  

What You Can Do on the Properties Tab

Name Your Quiz and Assign it to a Category if Desired

You can type a name for your quiz. Best practice is to include the word "Quiz" or "Exam" or some other indicator of what the activity is in the title. This is true of all the assessment tools in VIULearn. This setting is required.  

Categories allow you to create, assign, and group your quizzes by category to allow you to better organize your quizzes in the Quiz Tool. This setting is not required.

To Create a Category:

  1. Click the add category text

  2. Type the name of your category into the input field. 

  3. Click the blue Save button.

Add/Edit Quiz Questions

Use Add/Edit Questions to add questions to your quiz. For more information on Adding or Editing Questions in a Quiz, please view the Creating Questions page. 

Add Page Breaks

Once questions are added, use Questions per page to change the number of questions students see per page. You can also manually add or remove page breaks from your quiz by clicking the gray or blue lines in between your quiz question in the Properties tab. 

Orange arrows point to the lines between the quiz questions in the Properties tab. Clicking these lines will either add or remove a page break from your quiz.

Add a Description / Introduction and/or  Page Header / Footer  as desired

Clicking the Expand description/introduction text or the Expand page header/footer text will allow you to insert text for students to read. It is suggested that you include the date, time (including time zone) and time limit of the quiz in the description, as many students do not read the quiz details page. In order for students to see this information, you must check the On radio button. The description, introduction, header, and footer are similar, but will function in separate ways. 

Description: Students will be able to read the quiz description before the quiz is available for them to take.

Introduction: Students will be able to read the quiz introduction once the quiz is available for them to take.

An orange box highlights the On radio button that is checked off underneath the quiz Description and Introduction.

Header: Students will be able to view the quiz header while they take the quiz. This information will display at the top of their quiz page. 

Footer: Students will be able to view the quiz footer while they take the quiz. This information will display at the bottom of their quiz page. 

Optional Advanced Properties:

Allow hints: If when you created your quiz questions you attached hints to those questions, you can allow those hints to display in the quiz by clicking the Allow hints checkbox.

Disable Right Click: You can disable right clicking which will prohibit students from copying and pasting your quiz questions. Please note that this won’t completely prevent students from saving your quiz questions, as there are multiple other methods that students could use to achieve this outcome.

Disable Email, Instant Messages and Alerts: You can disable students from being able to access and use the Email and Instant Messaging tools available in VIULearn while they have a quiz attempt in progress. We recommend against disabling alerts, as students may miss important information and updates in their VIULearn courses.

Notification Email: Receive a notification when students submit their quiz attempts

What You Can Do on the Restrictions Tab

  • Activate your quiz
  • Set dates and restrictions
    • Add start or end dates and times
    • Display dates and/or times in the course calendar
  • Add Release Conditions
  • Set up a time limit
    • Choose whether or not the time limit is enforced
    • Choose how it is enforced
  • Special Access
    • Give specific users special access - like extended time limits or different end dates for students with disabilities or special circumstances.

Activate Quiz

At the top of the Restrictions Tab, you have the option to set a quiz's status to Inactive or Active. Inactive is synonymous with Draft in Content. An inactive quiz is invisible to students. An Active quiz is visible.

Video - Restrictions Tab

If you do not see the video, please click on the link to view it in a new window or tab:

VIULearn Quizzes: The Restrictions Tab

What You Can Do on the Assessment Tab

  • Assessment
    • Connect quiz to VIULearn gradebook, and choose to export to gradebook automatically
    • Attach a Rubric
    • Allow quiz attempted to be set as automatically graded
      • If you have questions on your quiz you have to hand-mark or review, it is suggested you do not allow this setting
  • Attempts
    • Set the number of attempts allowed
      • If more then 1 attempt is allowed, additional grading options will appear, such as how multiple attempts will contribute to the overall grade

Assessment Tab

If you do not see the video, please click on the link to view it in a new window or tab: 

Assessment Tab

What You Can Do on the Submission Views Tab

  • Change the default view for students after they take a quiz. If you do not have automatic grading enabled, or you have long answer questions in your quiz, it is strongly recommended that you edit the default view so student grades are hidden until you publish them.
  • Create an additional student view to allow students to see questions, their responses, the correct answers and /or class average and score distribution.

Submission Views Tab

If you do not see the video, please click on the link to view it in a new window or tab:

Submissions View Tab

 What You Can Do on the Reports Tab

  • Set up a report for faculty or administrators
    • Reports can include:
      • Question statistics 
      • User statistics
      • Attempt details

Please note: Reports can contain confidential student information and should never be released to learners

Reports Tab

If you do not see the video, please click on the link to view it in a new window or tab:
The Reports Tab

Add Quiz to Content

The final step for creating and using a quiz is to add it to your course content to ensure students can easily access it. To add a quiz to your course content:

  1. Create your quiz in the tool area (Assessment & Evaluation and Quizzes).
  2. Choose Course Materials and Content to navigate to your Table of Contents.
  3. Select the module or sub-module that you want the quiz to be located in.
  4. Use the grey Existing Activities button to choose Quizzes.
  5. Select your quiz from the list by clicking directly on it.
  6. The quiz will appear at the bottom of the module or sub-module.
  • You can move your quiz the same way you can move Topics.

Make sure to set your quiz to Published if you want students to be able to access it.