Manually Entering Grades

The Grading View

If you have graded assessments for your course which are not associated with an assignment folder, discussion forum, or quiz in VIULearn you will need to enter the grades manually. You may also choose to enter grades for assessments done in VIULearn manually rather than having the tools automatically import the learner’s grades.

It is possible to enter grades manually from Manage Grades, as well as from Enter Grades. The options available when manually entering the grades will vary depending on which view you choose as well as whether or not the grade item is connected to a tool, what tool it is connected to, and whether or not a rubric has been added to the item. 

Accessing the Grading View

From Manage Grades

  1. Click Assessment and Grades on the course navigation bar
  2. Ensure you are in Manage Grades view
  3. Use the arrow to the right of a grade item to choose  Enter Grades

From Enter Grades

  1. Click Assessment & Evaluation and Grades
  2. Ensure you are in Enter Grades view
  3. Use the arrow to the right of item name to choose Grade All

Using the Grading View

1 Type your grade into the box provided

2 If you wish to provide feedback, click on the speech bubble icon under the Feedback column and type your feedback into the space provided

3 You will only see the Assessment column if you have a rubric attached. Click on the rubric icon  in this column to enter feedback using the rubric

4 Make sure to use the Save button at the bottom of the screen when you have finished entering grades

Spreadsheet View of Enter Grades

There are two ways to manually input grades from the Enter Grades area. Above, you saw how to use the Grade All option. The second option is to switch the screen to Spreadsheet View, using the grey button to the right of the page.

From Spreadsheet view, you can manually enter grades into the items in your VIULearn gradebook as if it were an Excel spreadsheet. Consider adjusting your Personal Display Options to make the Spreadsheet View more user friendly for you.

Exporting the Gradebook

Many instructors like to keep a backup of their gradebook on their computers. You can easily export a gradebook from VIULearn and save it to your computer.

To export a Gradebook:

  1. Make sure you are in the Enter Grades area
  2. Click the Export button at the top of the screen
  3. You will be able to choose some options for your export, including what grade information you need and what student details you require
  4. You can then select if you want to export the whole gradebook or just certain items
  5. At the bottom of the page, choose whether you want CSV or Excel format for your export
  6. A download window will open in a new window or tab
  7. Click directly on the file name to download the file to your computer 

Printable Instructions