Using the Question Library

What is the Question Library?

The Question Library is an area in the background of your course. It is accessible from 3 different tools in VIULearn: Quizzes, Self Assessments and Surveys. It is similar to the Manage Files area, except that it organizes your questions and not your files. The question library allows you to create folders, called sections, to organize all of your questions.

The Question Library is also the ideal location to import questions from publishers or other sources external to VIULearn. This ensures you can make the appropriate changes to questions before presenting them to students. Additionally, if you do run into importing issues, there is no chance of damaging your existing Quizzes, Self-Assessments and Surveys.

Question Library Overview

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Question Library Overview

Preview a Question in the Question Library

The preview page allows you to view the appearance of an individual question, as well as the comments and hints you might include with the question. If the question appears in more than one place, the preview page also displays a list of the other places the question is in use (e.g. quizzes, surveys, and self assessments).

On the Question Library page, use the drop-down arrow to the right of the question title to click Preview. When you are finished, click Done.

Reorder Questions or Sections in the Question Library

Change the order of how the questions display in the Question Library by reordering them in the question list.

  1. On the Question Library page, click Order 
  2. Select the check box beside the question(s) or section(s) you want to reorder, then click the Up or Down arrows to move them through the list.
  3. Click Save.

Moving a Question or Section in the Question Library

Sometimes you want to re-organize your questions into different sections, or move a question that was created in the wrong section.

  1. On the Question Library, select the check box beside the question(s) or section(s) you want to move
  2. Click Move 
  3. You will see a tree of all available sections. Click on the section you want the question(s) or section(s) moved to.

If you want to move the question(s) or section(s) to the root level, click on Collection Root.

Delete a Question or Section from the Question Library

  1. On the Question Library page, select the check box beside the question(s) or section(s) you want to delete.
  2. Click Delete.