Using the Discussion Tool

Managing Discussion Settings

To access all Discussion settings:

  1. Choose Communications and Discussions
  2. Click Setting on the right hand side of the screen under the course navigation bar

You can also access your personal settings by accessing your Accout Settings and choosing the Discussions tab.

Personal Settings control the way you view posts inside a topic. These settings apply to all course offerings wherever you access discussions, but do not affect other users.

  • Display Settings
    • Always show the Discussion List pane shows or hides the list of topics. Hide it to save space or show it to switch between topics quickly.
    • Display deleted posts Use this setting to display deleted posts when browsing topics.
  • Reply Settings Use this setting to automatically include the original post by default when composing a reply.


Org Unit Settings apply to all users and all forums and topics in your course.

  • Default Rating Scheme: Turns the post ratings control on or off and selects the rating scheme for all new topics within the course offering. You will still need to manually edit topics that already exist.

Starting and Replying to Threads and Posts

The table below summarizes the process of creating a new thread, replying to a thread (posting) and replying to a post within a thread.

Creating a threadReplying to a threadReplying to a Post in a Thread
Open the Discussion Topic
Click the blue Start a New Thread buttonOpen the thread you want to reply to by clicking on the topic
Click on the blue Reply to Thread buttonFind the post that you want to reply to in the thread
Click on the blue Reply icon
Enter a subjectYour subject will be the same as the Post's subject (like an e-mail)
Type your post
Select Subscribe to this thread to receive updates on the thread
To attach a file:

Click on Add attachments, then click Browse or Upload to locate the file you want to attach
Click the blue Post button

Getting The Most From Posts

You can add images or other media to your VIULearn Discussions. The editor is the exact same editor you use when you are Creating a File in VIULearn.

The same options are available in the HTML editor that opens when you compose a new thread or create a reply.

You may need to click the "..." button see all your options.

For more information about Adding Images, Video + Other Media to your Discussions or how to Uploading Files to VIULearn visit those pages on our website.