Content Tools

Planning and Creating Your Course Structure

Use the Content tool to organize course content and activities so that information about course expectations, course syllabus, lecture notes, activities, and important dates display to your learners clearly. You can add release conditions and learning objectives to topics to ensure users navigate through course materials while fulfilling specific course requirements and learning expectations. Your course structure will be created using modules and you can add your course materials and activities into the modules. You can keep your course content and files organized in the Manage Files area of VIULearn.

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Adding and Uploading Materials into Content

If you already have materials (like document files, online videos, links, etc.) you can upload or add them into the Content tool of VIULearn. VIULearn allows for the upload of most common file types. Once you have uploaded and added your content, learners can view, download, and print those files.

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Creating Content within VIULearn

You can also create content directly inside of VIULearn. There will be no copy on your computer, it will exist only in an online format. When you create a page in VIULearn you are creating an HTML page, which means you can enhance your page with templates, styles, images and video, links and other materials.

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Modifying, Renaming, and Deleting Content in VIULearn

Now you have some structure in your course - what happens if you want to change it? You can modify, move and delete content right from the content area. Each of these tasks has a unique process that will enable you to adjust your content so that it looks just right.

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Backing Up and Reusing Your VIULearn Course Content

Once you have put together your course content and activities in VIULearn, you should consider creating a backup of your course. You should also consider creating a backup before undertaking any major course edits. You are also able to copy your course content and activities into other VIULearn courses, which allows you to reuse your content semester to semester or year to year.

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