Adding Images and Other Media

Adding Images

Adding an image to your VIULearn Files is one way of adding additional information to your course. Remember that when you add images they should add to the value of your course. We always try to encourage people to not have extraneous images because they do distract from learning. Be sure that your images have meaning. You want to try to bring in things that matter to the course.

Add an Image to a VIULearn File 

  1. Click Content on the course navigation bar to open the Content Tool.
  2. Choose the module or sub-module where you want to add the file.
  3. Select the blue Upload/Create button and choose Create a File.

  4. Click Insert Image 
  5. Choose My Computer to upload an image from your computer (You can also add an image from the Manage Files area, or ad an imaging using it's URL).
  6. Click Upload

  7. Navigate to the image you want to add and click Open.
  8. It might take some time for your image to upload. Once the image has uploaded, click Add to add the image to your file.
  9. If the image conveys any important information, you will want to add some Alt Text in the popup that appears. If your image is just for decoration, check the box beside “This image is decorative.” 
  10. Add any text or other content to your file. When you are finished editing the file, click the blue Publish button to publish your page or the grey Save as Draft to save your changes without publishing them.
    Please Note: If your course is active, learners will be able to see the Published page immediately unless you have set specific restrictions to hide the module or submodule.

Add a Collaborative Document