The Glossary Tool

Using the Glossary Tool

If you do not see the video, please click on the link to view it in a new window or tab:
Using the Glossary Tool

Linking Glossary Items to Content

In order to give learners access to the Glossary, you must create a link within your course as if the Glossary was an external website. 

To retrieve the URL for your Glossary:

  1. Choose Faculty Tools and Course Admin
  2. Select the Glossary
  3. At the top of the window that opens, you can see the URL for the Glossary
  4. Click directly on it, then choose "CTRL" or "Command" and "C" on your keyboard to copy the link

To create a link in Content:

  1. Navigate to the module or submodule you want the link to be in
  2. Choose the blue New button
  3. Click Create a Link
  4. Give your link a title
  5. Paste the URL  into the URL box using  "CTRL" or "Command" and "V" on your keyboard.
  6. Select the box beside Open in a New Window
  7. Click the blue Create button

It is possible to bulk import Glossary terms into VIULearn. They need to be in a very specific format, which you can view by downloading the file here: The file should download automatically. The very specific nature of the file needed means that in general it is easier to build the Glossary directly in VIULearn. Some instructors find they prefer to build their glossary in the format on the file however, so it is included here for your reference.

If you would like more information regarding importing Glossary terms, you can view the information provided help here: The link will open in a new window or tab.