Using the Calendar Tool in VIULearn

If you do not see the video, please click on the link to view it in a new window or tab:
Using the Calendar Tool

Creating an Event

  1. Navigate to the Calendar using one of the methods described in the overview
  2. Click the blue Create Event button
  3. Give your event a title. If desired, you can
    • Attach a topic from Content using the Add Content button
    • Add a description
    • Choose a group to release the item too, using the Attendees drop down list
    • Have an all-day event, using that All Day checkbox, or selecting a specific date and time for the event
    • Have your event appear multiple times in the Calendar, using the Add Recurrence button
    • Change when your even is visible using the Add Restriction button
  4. Once you are finished with your event settings, click the blue Create button to save your work

Handout - Using the Calendar Tool

We have prepared an easy-to-read handout containing the same information as the video:
Using the Calendar Tool