Getting Started with VIULearn for Faculty Members

Introduction to VIULearn for Faculty Members

VIULearn is VIU's branded version of the Brightspace by D2L learning management system. If you are new to this system and would like an introduction to navigating the system and an overview of the available tools, please use the resources below.

Learn more about: Introduction to VIULearn

Learn more about: Navigating VIULearn for Faculty

Learn more about: VIULearn Tool Overview

Learn more about: Viewing your Course as a Learner

VIULearn Faculty Help Resources

If you have any questions or need additional help, you can e-mail in a request, phone for a consultation, or book an appointment. 

  • Email us directly at
  • Call 250.740.6179 Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

VIULearn Learner Help Resources

Since there is no requirement to use VIULearn at VIU, it is up to you to let your learners know that you are using this tool. Sometimes, learners need some additional help and support to use VIULearn effectively. The Centre for Innovation and Excellence in Learning offers learner support resources as well as a a variety of learner orientation options. We depend on faculty members, program assistants and others involved in supporting learners to let us know what support you need. If you are interested in a learner orientation to VIULearn, use the link below to review the options available to you.

Accessing VIULearn

  1. Navigate to VIULearn:
  2. Log In to VIULearn
    • Use your VIU Computer Account Credentials
  3. Look for the My Courses Widget
    • This widget displays your courses and allows you to access them
    • To access a course, click directly on the course title