Introduction to VIULearn

Why should I use VIULearn?

VIULearn is Vancouver Island University's learning management system. It is used for producing web-based content for fully online, blended, and web-enhanced courses.

VIULearn has many great features which will enhance any course whether face to face or fully online. VIULearn gives you access to a secure space for interaction with class groups, as well as a space to deliver content, media, reading, news and deadlines. You can engage in discussion, accept student assignment submissions and enable asynchronous connections to your class. VIULearn allows you to create and manage a gradebook as well as keep tabs on your learners progress.

Access to course materials is available via the Internet 24/7, so students are able to work on their studies at times and places that are most convenient for them. In many ways VIULearn encourages learners to be self-directed and responsible for their own success.

Course Creation and Enrollments

Each night, the Student Record System (SRS) and the Scheduling and Workload System (SAWS) send information to VIULearn letting it know what all the courses at VIU are currently open for registration, who is teaching them, which students are registered in those courses, and details about students’ contact information. In order for a change in any of those bits of information to get to VIULearn, they first have to be changed in SRS or SAWS, which will then send the changes to VIULearn overnight.  In this way, the vast majority of the courses in VIULearn are created and maintained automatically by our internal information systems.

This means you do not need to request your courses to be created, and you do not need to create a course password for your students.

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