Automatically Created Courses

Each night, the Student Record System (SRS) and the Scheduling and Workload System (SAWS) send information to VIULearn letting it know what all the courses at VIU are, who is teaching them, which students are registered in those courses, and details about student’s contact information. In order for a change in any of those bits of information to get to VIULearn, they first have to be changed in SRS or SAWS, which will then send the changes to VIULearn overnight.  In this way, the vast majority of the courses in VIULearn are created and maintained automatically by our internal information systems.

Your VIULearn course shell is the best place for all course related information. The more relevant and useful it is for you, the more engaging it will be for your students.  Your course shell is a great place to:

  •  Create discussion boards for assignments, course related information, or as collaborative space for students
  •  Create online rooms for virtual office hours or meeting with student groups
  •  Email students
  •  Post news items to get the attention of students
  •  Share course related documents and resources that need to be kept relatively private
  •  Survey students
  •  Post course content in a manner that makes sense for the material and discipline
  •  Enrol another instructor in your course or enrol waitlisted VIU students

Both SAWS and SRS update your course shell every night.  If a student withdraws from the class or enrols in the class it will be processed overnight.  If they change their contact information, it will be processed over night.  In this way, we avoid the considerable effort it would take to manually process registrations, withdrawals, and information changes.

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