Randomizing Your Quiz Questions

There are a number of options available for randomizing your quiz questions and the order of responses on multiple choice questions in VIULearn. Which option is best for your quiz will depend on what you want to get out of randomizing your quiz. 

There are two ways to randomize your quiz questions. You can randomize the order the question answers appear in, or randomize the order of the questions.

Randomizing the order question answers appear in means that on the same question, the correct answer may be "A" for one student but "C" for another.

Randomizing the question order means that the same question may appear at the beginning of the quiz for one student, but the end of the quiz for another. VIULearn offers you two ways to do this: Question Pools (formerly called Random Sections) and Shuffling.  Question Pools can be used to present a set number of questions from a larger question bank, giving each learner a slightly different quiz on each attempt. 

You can use each of these randomization options separately, or you can use them together to "double randomize" your quiz.

Randomizing the Answer Order

For multiple choice (MC) and multi-select (M-S) questions, you can randomize the order the answers students select from will appear in. To randomize the answers, check the box beside "Randomize options" when editing the question. Matching (MAT) and ordering (ORD) questions will automatically randomize the answers.

Remember that answers like "A and C" or "All of the above" would also be randomized. This could mean that "A" and "C" are different options for different students, making it an unfair question that is difficult to grade. Use caution and your best judgement before randomizing your question answers.

Randomizing the Question Order 

VIULearn offers a Shuffle feature which allows you to randomize the order that questions appear on a quiz each time it is taken. You can shuffle all questions in the quiz, or group questions into sections and choose to shuffle all or only some of the questions in the quiz. Shuffle is the best way to randomize your questions if you want all students to answer all questions in the quiz. If you want only some of the questions to appear each time a learner attempts the quiz, you will need to create random sections. 

The video below demonstrates how to use Shuffle to randomize question order in your quiz: 

If you can't see the video above, use this link to view it in a new window or tab

Randomizing which Questions Appear on the Quiz 

You can use a Question Pool (formerly a "Random Section") to set up a quiz where learners will see a different set of questions each time, drawn from a bank of questions you have built in the Question Library. Each Question Pool can contain as many or as few questions as you wish and you can require learners to answer as few or as many of these questions as you wish.  All questions in a Question Pool need to be worth the same number of points, so that all attempts on the quiz are worth the same amount. You can have multiple Question Pools in a quiz, and still add questions outside of the Question Pool that need to be in order. You can also include Question Pools in a shuffled quiz if you want to add additional randomization to the quiz. 

Ideally, you would always create your quiz questions in the Question Library. If you have created your questions that way, adding Question Pools to your quizzes only takes a few steps. If you have created your questions in your quiz, there are a few more steps you need to take to randomize them. If you want to create a Question Pool using questions that were not saved to your Question Library, please contact the Centre for Innovation and Excellence in Learning (learnsupport@viu.ca) for assistance.

This video from D2L will walk you through how to create a Question Pool in a Quiz: 

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