Course Mapping Information


The connection between VIULearn and the Student Record System (SRS) and the Scheduling and Workload System (SAWS) means that every course section will have its own course shell in VIULearn. Instructors will often be teaching multiple sections of the same course so they will have two or more course shells to update.

Instructors can send a request to to have these course sections “mapped” or combined together, so that they will only have to update one course shell for multiple course sections. The automatically generated course shells will disappear overnight and be replaced with the mapped course shell. The process of mapping a course will maintain the connection between the course shell and the SRS and SAWS systems, so the course will continue to update nightly like any other automatically created course.

Courses are best mapped before any content is put into the course or there will be loss of information.

The Centre for Innovation and Excellence in Learning requires the explicit written permission of all individuals listed as instructors in the VIULearn classlist before a mapping request will be processed. The process of mapping courses is permanent, and grants all instructors and students enrolled in the automatically generated courses access to the single course shell and all content within it.

Requesting Course Mapping

  1. Submit a support request to and include:
    • The course name as it appears in VIULearn
    • The section names as they appear in VIULearn
    • The semester the course sections are in
  2. If you are the only instructor listed in VIULearn your request will be processed as soon as possible.
  3. If you are not the only instructor listed in VIULearn we will need the written permission of the other people listed as instructors, even if they are laboratory or other support, so your request will take longer to process. We will notify you if this is the case.


  • Requests are processed nightly, so your changes will take at least 24 hours to appear.
  • You will lose access to any content you put in the course sections before mapping, so please take a course  backup before submitting your mapping request.