Using the Classlist in VIULearn

How is the VIULearn Classlist related to the official VIU Classlist?

Students who are added to or removed from your official VIU classlist will be added to removed from your classlist in VIULearn overnight. Please allow 24 hours for changes to appear. If you enrol a student in your VIULearn classlist that does not enrol them in the official VIU classlist. Waitlisted students are not added to the VIULearn classlist until they have a seat in the course. It is a good idea to check your classlist in VIULearn to make sure it accurately reflects the official VIU classlist at the beginning of term once the classlist is finalized.


What if the VIULearn Classlist does not match the official VIU Classlist?

  1. Wait 24 hours to see if the discrepency clears up
  2. If not, please contact with:
    1. The course title as it appears in VIULearn, for example: "BIOL 121: INTRODUCTORY ZOOLOGY - F14N01"
    2. The student name and number
    3. Whether they need to be enrolled or withdrawn


Why did a student disappear from my VIULearn Classlist halfway through the term?

About halfway through the term students who have not paid tuition or other fees are automatically removed from the official VIU classlist and are removed from your VIULearn classlist. All of the data that the student has generated in your course will disappear with them. Once they pay their fees, they will be automatically re-enrolled in your course and their data will be restored overnight.

Sorting the Classlist

You can sort your classlist by first name, last name, role in the course, or last accessed date by clicking on the term at the top of the column. You will know how your classlist is sorted because there will be a black arrow to the right what you are sorting by. In the example below, the classlist is sorted by role.


If you have a course with multiple sections or groups, you can also sort your classlist by group or section, which makes it easier to email specific groups of students. To sort your classlist by section or group:

  1. Use the View By: drop-down menu to select sections or groups
  2. Click the grey Apply button
  3. Choose what group or section you wish to view