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VIULearn is Vancouver Island University's learning management system (LMS). Use VIULearn to access your online courses and online course material. There is help available for all learners from the My Home page in VIULearn.

5 Steps to Getting Started

Not sure how to get started in VIULearn? This how to guide will help you know what you need to know about getting up and running in the online portion of your class. A lot of it is just good to know information like how to get a computer account. Once you have your computer account you can sign up for a FREE orienation course. There is also some information on how to customize your online experience.

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Accessing Your Courses

Now that you have completed the 5 steps to getting started, you are ready to access your courses! Did you know that you may not see all of your courses in VIULearn? Are you missing some of your courses? There are a few reasons why this might happen, use the link below to learn more.

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Open Learning Opportunities

Free stuff is always good stuff! Open Learning is an area where you can access free, non-credit courses. Currently, there is an orientation course for VIULearn, and WHMIS. You will still need to register for your normal classes using web registration or in-person registration.

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Getting Feedback in VIULearn

Confused about how to access feedback in VIULearn? Not sure how to see your results on a quiz? Want to see your dropbox feedback? We have some resources that will help you receive your feedback from within VIULearn.

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Backing Up Your Work

Want to keep an offline record of your online work at VIU? Want to take your website or blog with you when you graduate? You can export and back up assignments and content from VIULearn, videos from your VIUTube account, and all pages and posts from your VIUBlog. 

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