Resources and Readings

This section has resources, readings, journals and websites to learn more about educational development.

Top Picks

53 Powerful Ideas All Teachers Should Know About (Graham Gibbs)Website

WikiPODia (Repository of POD of Educational Development Field) - Website

Educational Development Guides (EDC): Building Rapport for Educational Developers and Educational Developer's Portfolio: Website

EDC Resources on Educational Development: Website

Developing the Developer: Resource of New Educational Developers (York University): Website

Journals to Learn More About Educational Development

International Journal of Academic Development (Official Journal of ICED - International Consortium of Educational Developers): Website | Archives (access is free to full articles if logged at VIU or through VPN)

Innovations in Education and Teaching International (Official Journal of SEDA - Staff and Educational Development Association): Website | Archives (access is free to full articles if logged at VIU or through VPN)

Higher Education Research & Development (Official Journal of HERDSA - Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia): Website | Archives (access is free to full articles if logged at VIU or through VPN)

Teaching and Learning Inquiry (Official Journal of ISSOTL - International Society for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning) : Website | Archives (open access journal, free to access all articles)

Educational Developments (Magazine of SEDA - Staff and Educational Development Association): Website | Archives (access is free to all magazines a year older through PDF download)

To Improve the Academy (Journal of the POD Network): Website | Archives (access is free to full articles - only 2014 onwards - if logged at VIU or through VPN, otherwise CIEL has full collection in print, OR as a POD member you can gain access to all articles)

The Journal of Faculty Development: Website | Archives (requires subscription, not available via VIU access) but you can read abstracts, table of contents and references to get ideas)

Journals on Centers for Teaching and Learning: Website

Good Reads about Educational Development

Getting Started 

  • What is Educational Development? POD Network: Link
  • Developing the Developer: A One Year Development Plan and Resource for New Educational Developers: York University Teaching Commons Website
  • Educational Developers Caucus (EDC) Resource Page (Educational Development, Pathways, Core Competencies, Resources for Developing Skills): Link
  • Stories: Getting Started in an Educational Development Career (POD Network): Link
  • Educational Development (ED) in a Nutshell, PPT Presentation by Jeanette McDonald: Link

Going a Bit Deeper 

  • MacDonald, R. & Wisdom, J. (2017). Academic and Educational Development. Taylor & Francis eBooks. Free Online via VIU
  • Sorcinelli, M.D., Austin, A.E., Eddy, P.L., & Beach, A.L. (2005). Creating the future of faculty development: Learning from the past, understanding the present. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. In CIEL Library
  • Educational Developer 2.0: How Educational Development Leaders Will Need to Develop Themselves in the Era of Innovation: Julie Sievers Link
  • Creating an Educational Development Portfolio (EDC): Link
  • Must Reads about Teaching and Learning (EDC): Link
  • Baume, D. & Popovic, C. (2014). Advancing Practice in Academic Development. New York, NY: Routledge. Google Book Link
  • Amundsen, C., & Wilson, M. (2012). Are we asking the right questions? A conceptual review of the educational development literature in higher education. Review of Educational Research, 82(1): 90–126. VIU Accessible Link
  • Tracing the Evolution of Educational Development Through POD Network's Institute for New Faculty Developers (M. DiPietro): VIU Accessible Link

Considering Scholarly Approaches

  • Felten, P., Kalish, A., Pingree, A., & Plank, K. (2007). Toward a scholarship of teaching and learning in educational development. In D. Robertson & L. Nilson (Eds.), To Improve the Academy: Resources for Faculty, Instructional and Organizational Development, 25 (pp. 93–108). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass. In CIEL Library
  • Little, D. (2014). Reflections on the state of the scholarship of educational development. To Improve the Academy, 33(1): 1–13. VIU Accessible Link