Resources and Readings

This section has resources, readings, journals and websites to learn more about educational development.

Top Picks

53 Powerful Ideas All Teachers Should Know About (Graham Gibbs) - Website

WikiPODia (Repository of POD of Educational Development Field) - Website

Educational Development Guides (EDC): Building Rapport for Educational Developers and Educational Developer's Portfolio: Website

EDC Resources on Educational Development: Website

Developing the Developer: Resource of New Educational Developers (York University): Website

Journals to Learn More About Educational Development

International Journal of Academic Development (Official Journal of ICED - International Consortium of Educational Developers): Website | Archives (access is free to full articles if logged at VIU or through VPN)

Innovations in Education and Teaching International (Official Journal of SEDA - Staff and Educational Development Association): Website | Archives (access is free to full articles if logged at VIU or through VPN)

Higher Education Research & Development (Official Journal of HERDSA - Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia): Website | Archives (access is free to full articles if logged at VIU or through VPN)

Teaching and Learning Inquiry (Official Journal of ISSOTL - International Society for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning) : Website | Archives (open access journal, free to access all articles)

Educational Developments (Magazine of SEDA - Staff and Educational Development Association): Website | Archives (access is free to all magazines a year older through PDF download)

To Improve the Academy (Journal of the POD Network): Website | Archives (access is free to full articles - only 2014 onwards - if logged at VIU or through VPN, otherwise CIEL has full collection in print, OR as a POD member you can gain access to all articles)

The Journal of Faculty Development: Website | Archives (requires subscription, not available via VIU access) but you can read abstracts, table of contents and references to get ideas)

Journals on Centers for Teaching and Learning: Website

Good Reads about Educational Development

Getting Started 

  • What is Educational Development? POD Network: Link
  • Developing the Developer: A One Year Development Plan and Resource for New Educational Developers: York University Teaching Commons Website
  • Educational Developers Caucus (EDC) Resource Page (Educational Development, Pathways, Core Competencies, Resources for Developing Skills): Link
  • Stories: Getting Started in an Educational Development Career (POD Network): Link
  • Educational Development (ED) in a Nutshell, PPT Presentation by Jeanette McDonald: Link

Going a Bit Deeper 

  • MacDonald, R. & Wisdom, J. (2017). Academic and Educational Development. Taylor & Francis eBooks. Free Online via VIU
  • Sorcinelli, M.D., Austin, A.E., Eddy, P.L., & Beach, A.L. (2005). Creating the future of faculty development: Learning from the past, understanding the present. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. In CIEL Library
  • Educational Developer 2.0: How Educational Development Leaders Will Need to Develop Themselves in the Era of Innovation: Julie Sievers Link
  • Creating an Educational Development Portfolio (EDC): Link
  • Must Reads about Teaching and Learning (EDC): Link
  • Baume, D. & Popovic, C. (2014). Advancing Practice in Academic Development. New York, NY: Routledge. Google Book Link
  • Amundsen, C., & Wilson, M. (2012). Are we asking the right questions? A conceptual review of the educational development literature in higher education. Review of Educational Research, 82(1): 90–126. VIU Accessible Link
  • Tracing the Evolution of Educational Development Through POD Network's Institute for New Faculty Developers (M. DiPietro): VIU Accessible Link

Considering Scholarly Approaches

  • Felten, P., Kalish, A., Pingree, A., & Plank, K. (2007). Toward a scholarship of teaching and learning in educational development. In D. Robertson & L. Nilson (Eds.), To Improve the Academy: Resources for Faculty, Instructional and Organizational Development, 25 (pp. 93–108). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass. In CIEL Library
  • Little, D. (2014). Reflections on the state of the scholarship of educational development. To Improve the Academy, 33(1): 1–13. VIU Accessible Link