This page outlines the steps and details for applying for recognition of your achievements in teaching and learning at VIU.

Submission Steps

1. Faculty complete all required achievements and at least one optional activity for any one of the four areas. Optional activities can be discussed with the Centre for Innovation and Excellence in Learning at any time.

2. Faculty can only submit/be successful in any one area once in duration of employment at VIU (e.g., receive only one Design of Learning Experiences Recognition of Achievements).

3. Submission form requires summary of demonstrations/evidence of achievement, along with feedback from two colleagues to indicate sharing of learning. See Submission Form Details section.

4. Digital submissions are accepted twice a year (late October and late May) through an email call from the Centre for Innovation and Excellence in Learning.

5. A Recognition of Achievements Committee (Associate Vice-President Scholarly Research and Creative Activity, Associate Director and one Curriculum, Teaching and Learning Specialist, Centre for Innovation and Excellence in Learning) will meet twice a year (early November and early June) to assess submissions, make decisions and provide feedback to both successful and unsuccessful applicants. The Director, Centre for Innovation and Excellence in Learning is a non-voting member organizes the committee and communicates to faculty member with Committee decisions.

6. Submissions needing substantially more work will receive informative feedback for re-submission in next round. Minor enhancements can be immediately resubmitted for reconsideration within a week of the decision.

7. Successful faculty will be celebrated at a campus-wide teaching and learning event each January and September (speaker, workshop or special event). Faculty will be part of a panel and/or a presenter to highlight some of their achievements.

8. All successful faculty will be recognized at a key time during the academic year and will be given both a printed and digital certificate of achievement for their portfolios of work.

9. More details through emailing

Submission Details: What to Submit and How

1. Submission Template
Through email to (Centre for Innovation and Excellence in Learning email), indicate the following details (templates to the right under Submission Template):

  • Your Name
  • Your Department/Program
  • Contact Email
  • Your Faculty
  • Area of the Recognition of Achievements in Teaching and Learning Program you are submitting for (e.g., Design of Learning; Leadership and Community etc.)
  • Overview Paragraph Outlining Achievements (e.g., required and optional activities)
  • Include Web Link to your portfolio (mini portfolio, course portfolio, teaching portfolio or leadership portfolio depending on area)
  • Include Web Link to any other digital representations of your work

2. Attachments
For each required activity (including portfolios, workshops/sessions, peer observations, courses, course redesign program, data gathering activity, projects etc.) please write (or make a video about) up to one page reflection on each item including:

  • Describe what you did. Give an outline on the activity, event, or experience.
  • Highlight the impact that the activity has had on your professional practice.
  • Explain your next steps or actions given what you’ve learned/experienced?

Important Dates

The following 2017-2018 important dates are shared to help faculty with submissions:

Monday, May 28, 2018 - Spring Submission Date

Friday, October 26, 2018 - Autumn Submission Date

Friday, October 26, 2018 - Celebration Event for Successful Faculty in Spring Submission

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