Professional Teaching Practice Portfolio

portfolio word cloud

Typically, a teaching portfolio is a dossier that includes selected documentation of your teaching effectiveness and your reflection on your teaching.

Why Create an ePortofolio?

  • Through the process of selecting and organizing material for a portfolio, instructors engage in a reflective process that aids in improving one’s understanding of effective practice.
  • ePortfolios are a step toward a more public, professional view of teaching as a scholarly activity
  • Since ePortfolios develop over time and are constantly evolving, they can provide a visual representation of growth as an ongoing process of inquiry, experimentation, and reflection.
  • Can capture evidence of one’s entire career, in contrast to one particular area
  • Provide easy access to materials and artifacts that demonstrate your academic activities, achievements and goals (Bauer, 2010).
  • Provide a personal, holistic portrait of an academic as a scholar, teacher, colleague, and citizen (Bauer, 2010).
  • Serve as a required component of most job applications or tenure/promotion activities