Indigenous Learning Circle, Part Two

Exploring Indigenous Perspectives below the Surface

In the VIU Indigenous Learning, Circle Part Two, participants will continue their journey with colleagues, and now delve collaboratively into more focused questions about Indigenous perspectives and the realities of higher education for Aboriginal students.

In order to deepen the inquiry and discussion, this Indigenous Learning Circle will be shaped by the specific questions and interests that participants bring with them. This continuation will include working once again with an Elder, Aboriginal students, and VIU staff (Sharon Hobenshield and Bill Roberson) who will facilitate conversations and reflections. 

New to this series will be the potential integration of non-academic experiences and new contexts, that will likely take us beyond the physical limits of the Learning Circle, itself.

The Learning Circle will take place on 6 Thursdays, from September to March. Participation in all sessions is encouraged to sustain the sense of community and a shared experience. We’ll  ask for you to be there at 3:20 to grab some food and get settled before opening protocols at 3:30.

First Meeting Date: Thursday, September 29, 3:30 – 5:30 pm

  1. Please skim again the chapter from Battiste, M. A., & Barman, J. (1995). First nations education in Canada: The circle unfolds. Vancouver: UBC Press. Chapter 1: Towards a Redefinition of Indian Education (PDF).  You might recall, this chapter includes a description of Indigenous cosmology, which will be useful to be aware of as we plan forward.
  2. Also, we ask you to read the short final chapter from Goulet, L. M. and Coulet, K. N. (2014). Teaching each other. Vancouver: UBC Press. Chapter 10: Ininee mamitoneneetumowin, Indigenous Thinking: Emerging Theory of Indigenous Education. (PDF) This chapter is a summary of principles and practices for Indigenous education, and pulls together several themes we explored in ILC Part One.

Upcoming Meeting Dates Meeting Dates: Each meeting is 3:30 – 5:30 pm. Additional materials will be posted here as the group’s preferences are announced.
Thursday, October 20
Thursday, November 10
Thursday, January 19
Thursday, February 9
Thursday, March 9

Location for all of these dates: Room 444, Building 305

Optional and alternate meeting dates and times may be proposed during the series, in order to accommodate specific activities that require the participation of individuals or organizations outside the Circle. This will be discussed and planned on a case-by-case basis.

Benchmarks for Indigenous Learning Circle II
  1. Complete a reading assignment in advance of the first meeting of the Indigenous Learning Circle, and any additional readings identified based on the group’s directions of inquiry for each meeting.
  2. Attend the 6 face-to-face learning and sharing sessions
  3. Implement at least 3 new strategies for building inclusive classroom experiences
  4. Reflect upon and share results of implementations with faculty participants
  5. Write a one-page summary of your experiences in the Learning Circle as well as reflect upon your attempts to implement practices for a more inclusive classroom. For completion by March 9, 2017
  6. Participants will be encouraged to share their experiences with other faculty through blogs, conference presentations, storytelling or other media.

Please provide us now with a little information about your experiences so far in the Indigenous Learning Circle project. This will help us plan the sessions appropriately.