Journals and Webpages on Learning and Teaching

There are a wide range of evidence-based resources to support faculty in their reflection on their practice. We've gathered a few of them together here as a starting point.


Many disciplines have their own journals focused on teaching. A quick search on “Journal” + “education” + “your discipline” will most likely point you to what’s available in your field. Also, searching the VIU library’s databases is a useful way to find these materials. Check with departmental colleagues if you’re new to teaching, to find out what has been most helpful. 

Teaching and Learning Journals

Discipline-Specific Journals

For a comprehensive list of many journals, visit the web pages of Kennesaw State University Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning 


There’s no shortage of websites devoted to teaching. Nearly every university sponsors a teaching centre that publishes lots of practical ideas on teaching practices.

Some outstanding examples of websites devoted to teaching and learning are: