2014-2015 Council Action Groups

Faculty Engagement Action Group

VIU Faculty Members: Piera Jung, Carleigh Randall, Rosemary Holley and Archna Acharya

This group of VIU faculty members seek to find ways to engage their colleagues in conversation and sharing new ideas about teaching and learning.

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Diversity Action Group

VIU Faculty Members: John Lepage, Bryan Webber, Lisa Lewis, Toni Smith, Laura Suski, Louis Mattar and Rita Gower

Members have been working on leveraging diversity in own classroom. They recognize the need to broaden the conversation to approach the topic of diversity in a more institution-wide endeavour.

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Technology Action Group

VIU Faculty Members: Alison Taplay, Rachel Moll, Jessie Key and Les Barclay

This Action Group has organized a 6-part speaker series on technology for teaching and learning. Each session will be recorded and put on its page in this site for viewing.

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Speaker Series

Technology Action Group

  1. Beyond Free: How Open Textbooks Can Improve Learning, Build Community & Empower Faculty – Clint Lalonde (BCcampus) and Jessie Key (VIU, Chemistry) provided information, suggestions and examples of how open textbooks are accessed, built and used in the classroom. This provincial initiative is providing university and college students with open and free resources for learning.
  2. Using ePortfolios in the Secondary and Post-Secondary Classroom – The presentations by Laura Suski (Liberal Studies and Sociology), Kevin Mazutinec (Art & Design), Jan Unwin (BC Ministry of Education and Advanced Education) and Shannon Hagen (SD 72 Campbell River) provided lots of examples of using e-portfolios in a wide variety of contexts and the rich learning that can come from this kind of assessment was demonstrated.
  3. Integrating VIULearn (D2L) into Courses: What are VIU Instructors Doing? – During this session, 7 VIU faculty and 2 students shared how they use VIULearn(D2L) in their classes. The session highlights different strategies, learning materials and formats faculty are using in VIULearn in both face-to-face, blended and fully online classes.
  4. Blended and Flipped Learning – The presentation by Dr. Simon Bates (Senior Advisor, Teaching and Learning and Director, Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology, University of British Columbia) discusses different research-based strategies for student engagement and learning in post-secondary classrooms.
  5. Mobile Learning with iPads – This year first year Forestry students came to class with an iPad and engaged in mobile learning both in and out of class. Doug Corrin and Bill Beese shared what they have learned and how they teach with mobile devices. Michael Paskevicius provided insights into what is working for students and faculty and strategies to employ if you were considering doing this with your program.

Faculty Engagement Group