Certificate of Scholarly Engagement and Participation

If you would like to receive recognition for engagement in the Speaker Series kindly:

  1. Watch or attend 2 Speaker Series Sessions (you can attend more – but two is the minimum). If you want to view the available recordings of past sessions, click here.
  2. Create one blog post on each of the 2 Speaker Series Sessions and email to a councile member. This could be approximately a paragraph describing what you heard/saw, how it impacted/affected you and how you might apply what you learned.
  3. In your blog post you may address some of the following questions: What did you learn that you will remember? What were your greatest take a ways? How does what you learned fit into your current teaching practice or philosophy? Did what you learned have an impact on your teaching practice or philosophy?
  4. Respond (via commenting at end of the post) to two other posts by other VIU employees providing a few sentences extending the conversation and by providing some new perspectives on the issue. Please note that once you submit a comment to a blog post it doesn’t immediately show up – our Action Group Members will approve it and then it will appear. We will also email you if someone has commented on your original blog post.
  5. After the Speaker Series is over – the Centre for Innovation and Excellence in Learning will award you a Certificate of Scholarly Engagement and Participation you can share on your CV, as well as submit to the Scholarly Engagement publication out of the AVP of Scholarship and Community Engagement’s Office next year.