2015-2016 Council Action Groups

2015-2016 Members: (Back L-R) Tine Reimers, Bill Roberson, Rita Alton, Nancy Page, Lisa Lewis, Alison Taplay, Rita Gower, Bryan Webber and Tim Stokes (Front L -R) Piera Jung, Rosemary Holley, Les Barclay, Liesel Knaack, Katharine Rollwagen, Rachel Moll (Missing - Sasha Koerbler, Louis Mattar)

Peer Observation

Members: Les Barclay, Tim Stokes, Bryan Webber, Louis Mattar and Rachel Moll

AcThis group explored the activity of "Peer Observation" which is an informal process of providing feedback to colleagues on their teaching. The members engaged in a three-phase approach: (1) Pre-Meeting Discussion; (2) Class Observation and (3) Follow Up Discussion.

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Flipped Learning

Members: Rosemary Holley, Piera Jung, Rita Alton and Sasha Koerbler

This group explored the possibilities of “Flipping” their classes and to undertake some flipping of their own courses.

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Accessible and Inclusive Learning

Members: Katharine Rollwagen, Nancy Page, Alison Taplay, Rita Gower and Lisa Lewis

This group explored various strategies to make their classrooms more inclusive and accessible for all learners. 

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