The Council on Learning and Teaching Excellence is an initiative at VIU to engage faculty in significant and impactful projects related to advancing their knowledge and skills in enhancing student learning.

Goals of Council

The primary goal of the Council is to advance a culture of teaching and learning at VIU through projects focused on some key areas.


The Council aids VIU in continuing to be a leader locally and provincially in providing high-quality learning experiences through a commitment to student success, community engagement and associated reflective scholarly activities.

It is critical that faculty members take the lead on moving us in these directions. Individual faculty members do this now through their own teaching and their activities within departments and Faculties; the Council on Learning and Teaching Excellence provides an innovative way for faculty to work with teaching colleagues beyond their own Faculty, to advance teaching practice and support for student academic success across the University.

Council Membership

Membership is for 1-3 years to allow consistency with member actions and activities, as well as allowing faculty members to move on when they wish. Each year after February Retreat, any new openings will be available for Deans to fill as per their own format suitable to their Faculty. Members must be able to attend the required days along with 2-3 hours per month on meetings and activities.

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Benefits to Faculty

Current faculty representatives were asked to share in their own words on the benefits and value of being in the Council on Learning and Teaching Excellence. See what they said about the value, purpose, time, activities and action group experience

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Meeting Times + Format

There are three times during the school year to meet as a whole: in December for one day (between end of classes/start of exams), in February for one day (during Study Week) and a 2 Day Annual Retreat in early May ‒ to orient new members, set priorities, and form Action Groups for the coming  year.

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