Benefits to Faculty

The following comments are from faculty members who have served on the Council.

Value-Add For Faculty Representatives on Council

  • opportunity to meet other faculty outside of own Faculty
  • dedicated opportunity/space to talk about teaching
  • positive and supportive from "ground up"
  • connecting with other faculty, recharging, professional development
  • breaking down walls/preconceptions between disciplines
  • making a contribution
  • engaging in learning
  • collaborating with colleagues across campus
  • great professional development and leadership opportunities
  • supported by the Centre for Innovation and Excellence in Learning (CIEL) in terms of funds and people power
  • freedom to explore new ideas

Purpose of the Council

  • enhances and supports teaching and learning on campus
  • creates connections across campus
  • connecting teaching faculty
  • engages us in inquiry
  • improves relationship with the Centre
  • moves the needle of teaching and learning engagement across campus

Time Requirements

  • minimal, but more based on project
  • self-determined and self-directed
  • time commitment is flexible (approximately 4 hours a month) and dependent on the interests and availability of the group members
  • flexibility to engage in ways that you choose and are comfortable with
  • variable

Council Activity: What we did!

  • stimulated the culture of teaching and learning on campus
  • connected people to engage with teaching and learning
  • were catalysts for connections
  • addressed teaching and learning "concerns"
  • Ate – good food!
  • developed positive working relationships across Faculties

Action Group Experience

  • face-to-face /online / email modes of communication
  • work together collaboratively
  • structure – monthly meetings, collaborate on proposed topics and delivery/planning of events
  • communicate via email