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Welcome to the Centre's newsletter, Teaching and Learning Matters! We are producing this newsletter to highlight stories and events related to teaching and learning at VIU and to keep everyone informed about the Centre's upcoming and ongoing projects and activities.


March 7 Theme: Upcoming Events

January 31 Theme: Open Learning

January 16 Theme: Accessing Resources

January 10 Theme: First Weeks of Class


December 12 Theme: Thinking About Our Teaching Practice

November 22 Theme: Assessment

November 14 Theme: Open Education

October 30 Theme: Student Engagement

October 12 Theme: How We Learn

September 26 Theme: Reflecting on Practice

September 20 Theme: Open Education

September 13 Theme: Understanding our Students

September 5 Theme: Welcome Back!

August 22

August 16

June 13

May 29

May 15

May 2

April 16

April 3

March 22


December 2014

November 2014

August 2014

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