BC K-12 Curriculum Changes

Changes to the BC K-12 Curriculum and What It Means for VIU

A large project is currently underway to help to better prepare BC students for their futures, and to ensure educators can support them as effectively as possible. The project started with the launch of a new curriculum in grades K-9 in 2015/16, and followed on with a new curriculum for grades 10-12 from 2017/18. The students who have worked through the new curriculum will be starting university study in September 2020, and will arrive through our doors with different expectations of their education from those of our students today.

VIU is actively involved in the discussion about what this will mean for students from the start of their academic career, through high school, and on to university and beyond. These discussions are only just beginning, but already include colleagues from high schools and universities from Nanaimo and across the province, and representatives from the Ministries of Education and Advanced Education.

Part of these discussions involves imagining our students’ paths through education as a cohesive, continuous journey.  Though grade 12 will be behind them when they start at VIU, they will still only be partway through a single learning journey that extends through a certificate, diploma, degree, and beyond.

The New Curriculum

The Do Know    Understand Model of Learning The new curriculum is built on a foundation of 3 Core Competencies and is organised around a ‘know-do-understand’ model.

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What a New Curriculum Means for VIU

Students will have learned to engage with, and take ownership of their learning in new ways. We have the opportunity to build on these new skills and behaviours in our new curriculum. 

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Information About the New Curriculum

Follow the links below to access additional information from the BC Ministry of Education. 

Introduction to BC's Redesigned Curriculum

New Curriculum Info

Core Competencies

Examples From the New Curriculum


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