Graduate Attributes

At VIU, students study a wide range of different subjects in a wide range of different programs, but they also develop many similar skills and characteristics. These include:

  • becoming independent learners
  • developing intercultural competencies and encouraging learning and discovery through awareness of, and engagement with, other cultures
  • developing an appreciation for, and an understanding of, Canada’s Aboriginal heritage
  • understanding problems and challenges within their immediate, local contexts as well as within larger, global contexts
  • appreciating the aesthetic and inherent value of others’ work and contributions
  • making the most of opportunities by drawing on both the depth and the breadth of their learning
  • emerging with a life‐long love of learning and discovery

The graduate attributes make explicit our shared belief in the fundamental importance of developing these skills and characteristics, and provide the vocabulary to describe them.

VIU’s Graduate Attributes are grouped into three “pillars,” which we believe form a solid foundation of citizenship. These pillars are Literacies (i.e. the acquisition of knowledge), Intellectual and Practical Skills (i.e. understanding the application of gained knowledge), and Civic Engagement (i.e. appreciating that knowledge exists in context).

Graduate Attributes in Detail (.pdf)

Graduate Attributes (.pdf)

Graduate Attributes Poster