The Manitoba Study: What Students Say They Want

What do students say they want from a teacher?

In 2007 the University of Manitoba conducted a focus group of university students, collecting comments from hundreds of students about what they valued in their educational experience. Here is what they said:

•We want to be recognized by our teacher as individuals, with names, not just numbers

•We want to be treated with respect and as a person of equal value.

•We want teachers to communicate that our presence in the classroom matters to the teacher.

•We want to be accepted for our previous accomplishments and our individual talents.

•We want flexibility in our learning.

•We want our teachers to believe in us and to inspire us to be the best we can be.

•We want to be challenged, but know that our teacher will help us overcome the challenges.

•We want to know that we can be successful – we want to know when we are becoming successful, and how to change when we are less successful.

•We want our teachers to be proud of our accomplishments.

•We want a connection with our teachers outside of the classroom.

• But, most importantly, we want our teachers to LISTEN to us.

University of Manitoba Office of Institutional Analysis: Bargenda, D., Doern, B., Gama, V., Hermiston, J., Kurjewicz, Z., Mansfield, S., Olsen, D., Roller,R., Trask, W. & Lussier, T.G. (Director). (2006).