Learning through Research

Getting Your Students Started in Research

It's perfectly understandable if you are apprehensive about getting your undergraduate students started in research. Many of us as students struggled with badly managed research projects, and our memory of those might make us think twice, as instructors, before using research as a primary learning strategy for our own students. On the other hand, with the right framework and guideance, undergraduates are capable of excellent, professional-level research, including work which can be respectably published. If you are planning to go down this path, below are two works that you will find useful. The first is a short article by an economist who describes how to "scale up" from small research-friendly actitivies to more full-blown research projects. The second is an extensive handbook and general resource on undergraduate research in psychology, easily generalizable to research in other disciplines.

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Download: R. Miller and R. Rycek, Developing, Promoting and Sustaining the Undergraduate Research Experience in Psychology