The Role of the Centre for Innovation and Excellence in Learning

The Teaching and Learning section of the self-study report is an enhancement to the program review process (September 2013), and has been included to reflect Vancouver Island University’s unique teaching and learning focus and culture of a teaching-focused institution.  We want to celebrate our commitment to teaching and learning and provide an opportunity for programs and faculties to showcase their various strengths related to pedagogy. This section provides another opportunity for faculty to discuss elements related to teaching and learning in order to identify best practices within a program, as well as areas for improvement.  Please note that this process is not meant to be evaluative in any way; rather a chance for the program to investigate areas for enhancements and celebrate successes.

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Data Collection Methods: Teaching and Learning Topics (Sections A-C)

Department Meetings: A staff member from the Centre can attend a regularly scheduled department meeting (or a specially arranged meeting) to discuss the components of this self-study with all faculty members.
Faculty Focus Groups: During a faculty focus group, faculty members come together to have a conversation about Sections A through C of the Teaching and Learning section.
Student Focus Groups: In addition to faculty focus groups, the Centre for Innovation and Excellence in Learning, as a third party, can facilitate a student focus group to collect more information about a program. This is an optional component, but one that some programs may wish to do.

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Action Item Suggestions

Data collected and analyzed may lead faculty members to suggest actionable items around teaching and learning.  For any action item that emerges, the Centre could offer a variety of supports.  For example, a program review may find that faculty and students were enthusiastic about a new interdisciplinary course offered recently in the program.

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Guidance for Writing Teaching and Learning - Sections A through C

Section A captures what is happening in the program with regards to teaching and learning. Through an ‘inventory’ type of process, essential aspects of teaching and learning practices are shared without judgment or evaluation. Section B captures activities intended to enhance and keep current the program’s teaching and learning practices. This section asks faculty members to describe ways that they seek to keep current in how student learning is designed particularly around the same areas as Section A. Section C is about engagement in professional and scholarly learning. Engagement in professional learning and development activities are a natural part of a faculty member’s job. Each faculty member undertakes these sorts of activities in different formats, timeframes and over different time periods. 

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