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New Learning Technology Request

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Does this technology require students to provide any personally identifying information? *
Is this personally identifying information collected by a third-party organization? *
Is this personally identifying information processed or stored outside of Canada? *
Can students opt out of sharing this personally identifiable information? *
Can you provide an equivalent alternative for students who do not consent? *
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Does the service provider have documentation to confirm accessibility and usability of their product? *
Is this technology compatible with screen-readers? *
Do multimedia resources include closed captions, alternative text, or transcripts? *
If there are interactive elements (such as quizzes), can they be navigated by keyboard alone (without requiring a mouse)? *
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Will this tool provide benefit over multiple courses or semesters? *
Are there existing tools, technologies, or platforms at VIU that could accomplish the teaching and learning need without requiring an LTI integration? *
Is this LTI integration the only or best resource to meet this need? *
Approximately how many instructors will use the integration? *
Approximately how many students will use the integration? *
Additional Information about the utility of this tool or why alternative tools do not meet your needs(optional)
Do you have support from your Dean/Chair/Program Lead to adopt this technology? *
Have you confirmed the cost for VIU? *
Have you confirmed the cost for students? *
Do you have funding secured to cover costs associated with this technology or tool? *
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