VIU Campus

Create a Sign Up Sheet

The Groups tool in VIULearn can be used to create a sign up sheet for limited appointments or essay topics that students can sign up for on a first come, first serve basis. 

  1. Click Communication in the course navigation bar. Select Groups from the dropdown menu.

  2. Click the New Category button. 

  3. Give your new Category a name. Write a description regarding the purpose of this group if you wish. 

  4. Underneath the Enrolment Type heading, select the # of Groups, Capacity of # - Self Enrolment Enrolment Type.

  5. Type the maximum number of users you wish to be enrolled in each group in the Number of Users field. 

  6. Type the number of groups you wish to create in the Number of Groups field. 

  7. Edit any additional settings if you wish. Once you have finished, click the Save button. 

  8. At this point, you will want to edit the names of each specific group to more specifically outline what students will be signing up for by enrolling themselves into the group. You can edit the name of the groups you have created by clicking on the name of the group. 

  9. In the Group Name field, give your group a new name. 

  10. Edit any additional settings. Once you have finished, click the Save button.

  11. Repeat steps 8-10 for each group until they all have custom names.