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Grade Items

Every assignment, activity, and assessment you want to assign a grade to needs a Grade Item. If you are using weighted grades you can assign both a number of points and a weight to each Grade Item. Grade Items can be connected to tools (Quizzes, Assignments, or Discussions) in VIULearn, or you can add students' marks to Grade Items manually. 

  1. Choose Assessment and Grades from the course navigation bar.

  2. On the Manage Grades page, click the blue New button and select Item.

  3. Click on the item type you wish to create (this will almost always be Numeric).

  4. On the Properties tab:
    • Enter a Name for the Grade Item. (required) 
    • You can also enter a Short Name which will display in Enter Grades instead of the Grade Item Name.
    • If you want the Grade Item associated with a Category, select a category from the Category drop-down list.
    • Enter a Description for the Grade Item if desired. If you want to make the description available to students, select Allow users to view grade item description.
    • Enter the value you want the Item to contribute towards the final grade in the Weight field for weighted grades or the Maximum Points field for points or formula grades. (required)
    • For weighted grades, enter the value you want the Item to be graded out of in the Maximum Points field. (required)
    • Select the Can Exceed box to allow the item to exceed the maximum points for that Grade Item.
    • Select the Bonus check box if you want the item counted as a bonus item. Bonus items are not counted towards the maximum points for a category or final grade.
    • If you are using the points gradebook, you may also choose the Exclude from Final Grade Calculation option, if applicable. If you are using the weighted system you can accomplish the same results by setting the weight to 0%.
    • Select a Grade Scheme to associate with the Item.
    • You can click Add Rubric to add a rubric. A rubric should only be attached to a Grade Item if you plan on manually entering in students marks in the Grades tool. If you are collecting and assessing students marks in Assignments or Discussions, you will want to attach the rubric you will be using in the assessment to the Assignment Submission folder or Discussion Topic.
    • Click Show Display Options to choose what information your learners can see about the Grade Item.

  5. On the Restrictions tab:
    • Choose whether the Grade Item is visible to learners. You can manually hide and show the Grade Item, or set a Start and/or End Date for the Item's visibility.  If you add a Start and End Date, students will only be able to see the Grade Items and the marks they achieved on that Grade Item between these availability dates. 
    • Set Release Conditions for the Grade Item.

  6. Once you have finished making changes, click the blue Save and Close button.

Best Practices

If you are using points only, and not weighting your grades, make sure the Max. Points assigned to Grade Items reflect how much you want them to be worth. For example, don’t grade each of your 20 homework assignments out of 100 points and then your final exam out of 80 points.

When naming Grade Items in your grade book, make sure to match as closely as possible to your syllabus and the name of the activity in your course material. This will help learners know exactly which grade is associated with which Grade Item.

Edit Grade Items and Categories

You can edit many of the Grade Item and Category settings using the Bulk Edit option in Manage Grades. You can also edit a single Category or Item to change settings such as the restrictions on who can view the Item, or the name of the Grade Item.

  1. Click Assessment and then Grades from the course navigation bar.

  2. Check the box next to the Items and Categories you want to edit (or check the top select box to select all Items and Categories).

  3. Click Bulk Edit.

  4. From this screen you can change the Name, Short Name, Max Points, Weight (if applicable), Bonus settings, Can Exceed settings, Grade Scheme, and Category of any Grade Items or Categories selected. 

  5. Once you have finished making changes, click the blue Save button.

Please Note: Changing the maximum points for a Grade Item after entering any grades will result in calculation errors.

  1. Click Assessment and then Grades from the course navigation bar.

  2. Click the arrow to the right of the Grade Item or Category you want to edit. Choose Edit from the drop-down menu.

  3. You will be taken to the editing screen. Make any changes to the Properties and Restrictions for the Grade Item.

  4. Once you are ready, click the blue Save and Close button.

Please Note: Changing the maximum points for a Grade Item after entering any grades will result in calculation errors.

Review Grades

Once you have finished creating all Categories and Items, you want to make sure everything is set up correctly. If you are using a weighted Grades, VIULearn will check that all Items in Categories add up to a weight of 100%. If not, you will see an error message at the top of the page telling you that the items in a category or the overall grade does not add to 100%.

You can adjust the points and weight of grade items and categories at any time. However, once you have graded an item, we recommend against making changes to that item's point value. VIULearn will not re-calculate entered point values if the maximum points change and you will need to re-publish or re-enter these points values for all students. You can adjust the weight of a grade item at any time and VIULearn will adjust the final calculated grade accordingly.