VIU Campus

Log In to VIULearn

All current VIU employees can log in to VIULearn using their VIU Computer Account

  1. Navigate to VIULearn.
  2. Click the Go to VIULearn button.
  3. Enter in your VIU Computer Account credentials.
  4. Click the Sign In button.

I Can't Log In or I Forgot My Password. What Do I Do?

If you have forgotten your VIU Computer Account credentials or are having any difficulties logging into VIULearn, a good first step is to try and reset your Computer Account password and try again.

You can find instructions on how to reset your Computer Account password on the IT Department's website. 

If you have reset your Computer Account password and you are still unable to login, please Contact the IT Department for further assistance. The IT Department manages Computer Accounts at VIU and will be able to assist you in getting access to your credentials.