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Quizzes, Surveys, and Self Assessments

In your VIULearn courses, there are three different types of assessment tools that your instructor may use: Surveys, Self Assessments, and Quizzes.

Surveys in VIULearn allow your instructor to gather feedback from the class. Surveys are not scored and there is no correct answer on a survey. Some surveys in VIULearn will allow you to submit your responses anonymously. Your instructor will not know who submitted which responses when looking at the results of an anonymous survey unless you include identifying information in your response.

Self Assessments in VIULearn allow you to test your knowledge. Your self assessment results are not scored or recorded. Your instructor will not be able to monitor or see your answers on a self assessment. Your instructor may configure the self assessment to immediately tell you if you've gotten the correct answer or they may attach some general feedback which you can see when selecting an answer. If you have questions about the self assessment feedback or don't see feedback during your self assessment, please contact your instructor.

Quizzes in VIULearn are used in order to assess your learning. Your quiz results will be recorded and scored. Depending on the settings your instructor has placed on the quiz, you may be able to take only one attempt or multiple attempts at the quiz. Your quizzes may have a recommended time limit, or you may need to start and complete the quiz within a certain time limit. All of this information can be seen in the Quiz Summary page, which we will review later. Quizzes are the most commonly used assessment tool in VIULearn.

Take a Quiz in VIULearn

  1. Select Assessment from the course navigation bar. From the dropdown menu, select Quizzes

  2. Click on the quiz you would like to take. 

  3. You will be taken to the Quiz Summary page. Take a moment to review the information on this screen. On this screen, you will be able to see how much time you have to take the quiz, how many attempts you have at the quiz, and any other instructions or information your instructor has provided.

    If your instructor has set a Start or End Date for the quiz, you will also be able to see when you can begin your attempt at the quiz. If your instructor has assigned a Start or End Date, we would recommend beginning the quiz attempt as soon as possible in order to help avoid any technical difficulties with accessing the quiz. 

  4. Click the Start Quiz button.

  5. Answer the questions given on the quiz. Your answers will be saved automatically as you move from question to question.

  6. Once you have finished taking the quiz, click the blue Submit Quiz button at the bottom of the page.

  7. Click the Submit Quiz button to confirm the submission.

Tip: Take a Practice Quiz

If this is the first time you are taking a quiz in VIULearn or if you would like to check your Internet Connection to see if it's stable enough to take a quiz, you may want to consider taking a practice quiz before you take a quiz for marks. 

Your instructor may provide you with a practice quiz that you can take in your course. Alternatively, you can find and take a practice quiz by enrolling in the VIULearn Student Orientation course

Review your Quiz Results

Not all instructors will give you access to review your quiz or view your grades. Always check with your instructor if you are unsure if you will be able to review your quiz.

  1. Select Assessment from the course navigation bar. From the dropdown menu, select Quizzes

  2. If your instructor has allowed you to review your quiz results, you will see Feedback: On Attempt text in the Evaluation Status column. Click on the On Attempt text to review your results.

  3. Click on the attempt you wish to review. 

  4. Depending on what settings your instructor has placed, you may be able to review some or all of the quiz questions on this page. You may also see the score your received on the quiz in the bottom right hand corner of the page. 

Take a Self Assessment or Survey in VIULearn

  1. Select Content from the course navigation bar. 

  2. Click on the Module or Sub-Module where the Survey or Self Assessment is located. If you are not sure where the Survey or Self Assessment is located, you can use the Search Topics bar in VIULearn to search for the Survey or Self Assessment or ask your instructor where the activity is located.
  3. Click on the Survey or Self Assessment you wish to take.
  4. Answer the questions given.
    • If you are taking a Self Assessment, you should be able to see feedback regarding your answers once you have selected the answer or when you click the Check my answer text underneath the question. 

    • If you are taking a Survey, don't forget to click the Submit Survey button at the bottom of the page once you have finished answering all the questions. You will then need to click the blue Yes button to confirm the submission. 

Solve Common Issues

If you cannot see or begin your quiz, survey, or self assessment, your instructor may have deliberately enabled a setting that is preventing you from seeing or beginning that activity. Some instructor will allow students to take quizzes, surveys, or self assessments whenever they like. Other instructors may restrict student's access to these tools and may want you to complete these activities during a specific time or date.

If you are not seeing a quiz, survey, or self assessment that you are looking for in VIULearn, a good first step is to email your instructor to double check when your instructor expects you to complete that activity. 

If your instructor has confirmed that the quiz, survey, or self assessment is available to you and you are still unable to find it, please email for further assistance. 

If you have forgotten to submit your quiz attempt, or if you needed to close your Internet Browser due to technical difficulties (such as the page freezing, the power going out, etc), you may not be able to re-enter and finish your quiz attempt if the End Date for the quiz has already passed.

In these cases, please note that your quiz attempt will not be lost. If this happens, your instructor will be able to find and submit the quiz attempt on your behalf.

If you are unable to re-enter or finish your quiz attempt, please contact your instructor directly for assistance. If you were unable to finish writing your quiz, please also contact your instructor, as your instructor may allow you to re-take the quiz or may provide you some sort of alternative assessment.

Some quizzes in VIULearn can be automatically assessed and be made immediately available for you to review in VIULearn. For other quizzes, your instructor may need to manually mark and provide feedback on the questions before the score and questions are made visible to you. Furthermore, some instructors may not make the score and quiz questions available for you to review at all.

If you cannot see your quiz score or review the questions on the quiz, please contact your instructor for further assistance. Your instructor will be able to let you know if they plan on making this information visible in VIULearn and they will be able to let you know when you can expect to be able to see and review this information.

If your instructor has confirmed that quiz results have been published and you are still unable to view your results, please email for further assistance.

Some instructors may ask you to upload and attach an external document as a part of your quiz. If your instructor is asking for an attachment, it is worth nothing that this attachment must meet the same file upload requirements that are present in the Assignments tool.

If you are experiencing any error messages when attempting to upload a file to a quiz, please view Solve Common Issues for Assignments page.