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Student Video Assignments

If you would like students to create and submit videos as a part of an assignment, there are two important factors to consider:

Video Formats: 

It is recommended that students upload their videos to VIUTube and then submit the link to the video for you to view. There are a number of reasons for this:

  • Easier Viewing: Video files cannot be viewed in the assignment preview window and will need to be downloaded and viewed externally. If you have a large class that has all uploaded videos into VIULearn that are large in size, it may take a considerable amount of time for your computer to download all these files from VIULearn.

    Whereas, videos in VIUTube do not need to be download and can be played immediately in your Internet Browser. This saves you time and storage space on your computer.  

  • Format: Not all video file formats can be played on all devices. Whereas, a VIUTube video can be played on a larger variety of devices. As long as your Internet Browser has been updated to the latest version and cookies have been enabled, you should be able to view any video that has been uploaded to VIUTube. 

    Furthermore, VIUTube supports a larger variety of video and audio file types compared to VIULearn. If students are using an uncommon video or audio file type, they are more likely to be able to upload their project successfully into VIUTube.

  • Privacy: It is recommended that students upload their videos to VIUTube (as opposed to YouTube) as all information regarding the video and the student will be stored on Canadian servers. Whereas, videos uploaded to YouTube will be stored on US servers and do not meet Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) regulations. 

Students can find resources on how to get started using VIUTube here.

Assignment Submission Type:

If every student in the course will be uploading a video to the Assignment Submission folder, it is recommended that the Submission Type on the folder be changed to Text Submission. The Text Submission Type will allow students to paste and submit the link to their VIUTube video without having to upload any additional documents.

If you are giving students a choice on the format of the assignment (For example, students can write an essay or submit a video), or if you would like students to submit supporting documents in addition to their video, you will want to select the File submission Type. If students are submitting videos, they will then need to paste the link to the video in a Word or Text document and then upload this Text document to the Assignment Submission folder.

Please Note: Once students have submitted to an Assignment Submission folder, you will not be able to edit or change the Submission Type. 

  1. Select Assessment from the course navigation bar. Select Assignments from the dropdown menu. 

  2. Click the downward arrow next to the Assignment Submission folder in question. Select Edit Assignment from the dropdown menu.

  3. Click the Submission & Completion tab.

  4. Click the input field underneath the Submission Type heading. Select your preferred submission type from the dropdown menu.

  5. Once you have finished editing, click the blue Save and Close button.