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Account Settings and Notifications

In VIULearn you can edit your profile, notifications, and account settings under your personal menu which opens when you click on your name or profile icon in the upper right corner.


Create and edit your personal profile through the Profile tool. Filling out your profile is optional, but this feature is a great way for social networking and adding a more personal touch to your interactions in VIULearn. Your profile information can appear in the Classlist and ePortfolio tool. Your profile picture might appear next to your discussion posts, your name in the Classlist tool, and your ePortfolio contributions. 

Filling out your profile can be a good way to share some information about yourself with your learners, colleagues, or classmates. However, please keep in mind that all users in your course (students and instructors) can view your personal profile. Only add information you feel comfortable sharing with others.

  1. To access your personal profile, click on your name in the mini bar and select Profile

  2. Fill in any text fields that you wish by typing into the available fields. 

  3. If you wish to upload and display a profile picture, click the Change Picture button. 

  4. Click the Upload button to browse for your file, or drag and drop the image you wish to upload into the upload field provided. 

  5. It may take a few moments for your image to upload. Once the image has finished uploading, click the blue Add button to save your profile picture. 

  6. Once you have finished making changes, click the blue Save and Close button.

Account Settings

Use the Account Settings tool to customize and manage your personal preferences for things such as personal pronouns, system font sizes, Discussion behaviour settings, Email options, and more.  You can access your Account Settings by clicking on your profile icon in the mini bar and selecting Account Settings from the menu.

In Account settings there are three tabs where you may want to adjust settings. 

You can edit the following properties:

  • Pronouns: Make your pronouns visible to fellow students and to your instructors in the VIULearn classlist.

  • Font Setting: Adjusting the font size changes the default size of text for system text in VIULearn. It does not affect images, documents, and other objects such as math equations.

  • Reading Content: Some tools within VIULearn will automatically mark content as read as you scroll through it. If you are using assistive technology, you may want to disable this feature.

  • Video Settings: Select Optimize video presentation if you use assistive technology, such as a screen reader, to navigate the web. This option ensures that your assistive technology can detect embedded videos; it does not affect the accessibility of specific video players.

  • Locale and Language: Change settings such as the timezone used for dates and times in VIULearn, which day shows up as the first day of the week in your calendar, and other settings related to how system dates, times, and numbers appear in VIULearn.

  • Online Status: Online Status sets whether you appear offline or online to other users when you are logged into the system. By default, you will appear online to users when you are logged into the system. If you do not want to appear online, click the checkbox next to Always appear offline.

You can edit the following properties:

  • Always show the Discussion List pane: By default, when viewing a Discussion Topic, users will need to expand the Discussion List pane in order to see other Discussion Forums and Threads in the course. If you would like this Discussion List pane to always be visible by default, enable this option.

  • Display deleted posts: Enabling this option will allow you to be able to view and restore any Discussion Threads you have deleted. 

  • When creating a new thread, subscribe to the thread by default. By default, when creating a new Discussion Thread underneath a Discussion Topic, you will be subscribed automatically to that thread. Subscribing to a Discussion Thread means that you will receive notifications within VIULearn whenever a user replies to your Thread. If you do not wish to be subscribed to threads automatically, disable this option. 

You can edit the following properties:

Email Options

  • Track activity for messages sent to internal email addresses: Tracks the status of sent messages (either read or unread), and when messages are replied to and/or forwarded. The View Recipient Activity link appears on messages in the Sent Mail folder.

  • Include original message in email replies: Sets whether to include original messages with your replies.

  • Send a copy of each outgoing message to [specified email address]: Sends a copy of all the emails you send within VIULearn to your System Email. For students, this will be the email that was on your Student Record when you first enrolled at VIU. For employees, this will be your VIU email address.

  • Save a copy of each outgoing message to the Sent Mail folder: Saves a copy of your sent messages to a folder for convenient record keeping.

  • 'Reply to' Email Address: If users reply to an email you've sent from the Email tool, the reply-to address you specify appears in their "To:" field.

  • Email Signature: Create an email signature to include at the bottom of your email messages. This signature will be automatically included in every email you send within VIULearn. 

Email Display Options

  • Show the Message Preview pane: Enables you to browse emails by displaying them in a preview pane at the bottom of your message list.

  • Show the Folder List pane: Sets whether you see a list of folders in the left panel when reading messages.

  • Mark messages as read when viewed in the Message Preview pane: Using the preview pane to read your messages will mark them as "read".

  • Allow filtering messages and contacts on group enrolment: Controls whether groups and sections are listed in the Filter By field in the message list and the address book.

Forwarding Options

If you wish, you can change the Email Address that emails that are sent within VIULearn get forwarded to. By default, all emails that are sent to you within VIULearn are forwarded to the email that was on your Student Record when you first enrolled at VIU.

You can also change the behavior of what happens to the email within VIULearn once they are forwarded to an alternate email address:

  • Forward and delete from the Inbox Folder: Forward the email address to an alternate email address and delete the email from within VIULearn.

  • Forward and mark unread in the Inbox folder: Forward the email address to an alternate email address and mark the email as unread within VIULearn.

  • Forward and mark read in the Inbox folder: Forward the email address to an alternate email address and mark the email as read within VIULearn.


The Notifications tool allows you to subscribe to receive email alerts about activity in your courses.  You can subscribe to instant notifications for Announcements, Discussions and other course activity, or a summary of all activity to be delivered daily or weekly at a time of your choice which will summarize changes or activity in your courses. You can access your Notification settings by clicking on your profile icon in the mini bar and selecting Notifications from the menu.

  1. Scroll down to Instant Notifications.

  2. Check the box next to any notifications you want to receive.

  3. Scroll down to Customize Notifications to choose whether you want grade notifications to include your grades and whether you want to allow courses that have not yet started to send you notifications.

  4. When you are finished, click Save

  1. Scroll down to Summary of Activity

  2. Set the drop-down menu to Daily or Weekly

  3. Select the time of day you want the summary to be sent. If you selected Weekly, select which day of the week you want to see the summary. 

  4. When you are finished configuring your notifications, click Save

By default, notification settings apply to every course you are enrolled in. However, there may be times when you only want to receive notifications for a specific course, or you want to turn off notifications from one course in particular. You can exclude one or more course from sending notifications. 

  1. Scroll down to Exclude Some Courses

  2. Click on Manage my course exclusions

  3. You will see a list of courses that are eligible to send you notifications. Click the X to the right of the course you want to exclude. 

    If a course is already excluded, you will see a circle with an arrow in it instead of an X. Click this icon to restore notifications for that course. 

  4. When you have finished making changes click Close and then Save