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Group Assignments

In VIULearn, you can choose an Assignment Type. There are two different Assignment Types; Individual Assignments and Group Assignments. 

With Individual Assignment Submission folders, students are given their own private and individualized submission area, feedback, and score. Whereas, with a Group Assignment Submission folder, students who are members of the same group will share the same submission area and will be able to see any submission that has been uploaded by other members of their group. Students within the same group are also given the same score and are given the same feedback.

In order to set up Group Assignment Submission folders, you must first create a Group Category in the Groups tool.

Please Note: Once students have submitted to a Assignment Submission folder, you will not be able to edit or change the Assignment Type. 

  1. Click Assessment and then Assignments from the course navigation bar.

  2. Click the blue New Assignment button.

  3. Give your Assignment Submission folder a name. 

  4. Click the Submission & Completion tab. 

  5. Click the checkbox next to the Group Assignment heading. 

  6. Select the Group Category from the input field provided. 

  7. Edit any other settings necessary. 

  8. Once you have finished editing, click the blue Save and Close button.