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The Classlist in VIULearn shows you who is enrolled in the VIULearn course (both instructors and students) and is where you can go to add participants, or email anyone in the course. Course enrolments in VIULearn are imported from the official VIU systems that manage student enrolments and instructor appointments. 

Adding Participants

Sometimes you may want to give a person access to your course who is not officially enrolled on the classlist. As an instructor in VIULearn, you can add any VIU student or employee to your course through the classlist.  There are two roles you can assign to a participant when you add them to your course: Instructor and Student. 

Instructor Role Permissions

  • View and access the course even if it is inactive
  • Access the course after the course end date has passed
  • Activate a course and change the start or end date
  • Add, edit, or delete course content and activities
  • View and assess all student submissions to course activities
  • Add participants to the course (instructors or students)
  • Copy the course into another course in VIULearn
  • Export any course content or activities from VIULearn

There is no way to limit the instructor access to the course or its content.

Student Role Permissions

  • See and access the course once it is active and the start date has passed
  • View content released to them by the instructor
  • Complete activities in the course (within the settings set by the instructor)
  • View the Classlist for their section in the course
  • Email anyone they can see on the Classlist

The student role can be further restricted as needed using the various restrictions options available to instructors in VIULearn. Students lose access to their courses when the course end date passes.

  1. Navigate to the Classlist by clicking Communications and Classlist in the course navigation bar.

  2. Click the blue Add Participants button and choose Add existing users.

  3. Enter the name of the person you wish to add to your course in the search box and click the magnifying glass.

  4. Check the box next to the user and select the role you want to give them in your course. 

    Tip: If the user you are adding has a common name, their name may appear multiple times in this list. If the user you are adding has been both an student and an employee at VIU, they may also appear twice in this view. You will want to check the Org Defined ID column to ensure you are adding the user's correct account to the course. 

  5. Select the Section you wish to enroll the user in. If you have multiple sections in your course, pick any option from the available list. 

  6. Click the blue Enrol Selected Users button to add the user to your course. 

  7. You will see a confirmation screen.

  8. Click Done to go back to the Classlist or Add More Participants to add another user to your course. 

Sorting the Classlist

You can sort your classlist by first name, last name, role in the course, or last accessed date by clicking on the term at the top of the column. You will know how your classlist is sorted because there will be a black arrow to the right of what you are sorting by.

If you have a course with multiple sections or groups, you can also sort your classlist by group or section, which makes it easier to email specific groups of students.

  1. In the course navigation bar, select Communication. From the dropdown menu, select Classlist. 

  2. Use the View By: drop-down menu to select sections or groups.

  3. Click the grey Apply button.

  4. Choose what group or section you wish to view.

  5. Click the grey Apply button.

Frequently Asked Question about the Classlist

Students who are added to or removed from your official VIU classlist will be added to or removed from your classlist in VIULearn twice a day (once at approximately 6:00am and again at 6:00pm). Please allow 12 hours for changes to appear. If you enrol a student in your VIULearn classlist that does not enrol them in the official VIU classlist. Waitlisted students are automatically added to your VIULearn classlist and will be automatically removed if they did not receive an official seat in the course after the waitlist period has ended. It is a good idea to check your classlist in VIULearn to make sure it accurately reflects the official VIU classlist at the beginning of term once the classlist has been finalized.

Wait 12 hours to see if the discrepancy clears up with the next update from VIU's official systems. If the enrolment discrepancy is not automatically resolved, please contact with the following information:

  1. The course title as it appears in VIULearn, for example: "BIOL 121: INTRODUCTORY ZOOLOGY - F14N01".
  2. The student's name and student number.
  3. Whether they need to be enrolled or withdrawn.

About halfway through the term students who have not paid tuition or other fees are automatically removed from the official VIU classlist and are removed from your VIULearn classlist. All of the data that the student has generated in your course will disappear with them. Once they pay their fees and have been added back to the official VIU classlist by the Registration Department, the student will be added back to your VIULearn classlist and their data will be restored in the next update.